Ready-made pilot and flight attendant uniforms

Olino is your go-to provider of high-quality, ready-made pilot and flight attendant uniforms for airlines. We deliver a complete range of airline uniforms for men and women that are ready to wear and can be customized with various details to align with individual uniform requirements.


Explore a complete range of ready-made uniforms for flight attendants and pilots

At Olino, you can choose from an extensive range of ready-made pilot and flight attendant uniforms for men and women, all designed based on our dedication to quality and practicality. Whether you need new pilot hats or a complete flight attendant outfit solution for you or your staff, our ready-made airline uniforms help you achieve a professional look in no time.

Ready-made airline jackets

Our ready-made airline jackets for men and women are tailored with precision to ensure a spotless style and a perfect fit. Crafted from a blend of wool, polyester, and elastane, they ensure comfort and longevity. The airline jackets are available in popular colours such as classic black, navy, and dark grey.

Ready-made airline shirts

Our diverse range of ready-made airline uniform shirts cater to pilots, cabin crew and ground staff. Our premium shirts offer classic, fashion and slim fits, ensuring a tailored look that suits your individual preferences and fits into your uniform wardrobe. All our styles maintain consistent length, and you can choose between short or long sleeves for our ready-made airline shirts. With a colour palette of white and light blue combined with quality fabrics, you can achieve a professional look and feel. 

Ready-made airline pants

Elevate your airline staff's look with Olino's ready-made airline pants collection. For men, our Amsterdam, Glasgow and San Jose styles offer classic fits, pleats and stretchier options. Women can choose from our Vienna, Lisbon, El Paso and Málaga models, featuring various rises, styles and levels of stretch for ultimate comfort and style.

Ready-made airline knitwear

Explore Olino's diverse ready-made airline knitwear collection, tailored for both men and women. From NATO sweaters and pullovers with shoulder straps for epaulettes to classic pullovers like Halmstad and cardigans like Kalmar, our knitwear ensures a sophisticated and enduring professional look for pilots, flight attendants and other airline staff.

Ready-made airline waistcoats

Our ready-made waistcoats are a great option for flight attendants and other airline staff. Crafted for enduring style, our single-breasted design flatters all body shapes. The practical front buttons, pockets and adjustable back straps ensure both style and functionality. The waistcoats are made from a blend of wool, polyester and elastane to ensure exceptional comfort. You can choose between black, navy and dark grey to match your uniform dress code.

Ready-made airline outerwear

At Olino, we present a wide range of ready-made airline outerwear suited for different seasons and weather conditions. Choose the classic navy Aberdeen Trench for fall and spring or the versatile Kiruna coat with a removable lining. For cold winters, our Gotland coat, made from 100% wool, offers warmth and elegance. Our Belfast business coat ensures you stay dry on rainy days Explore our functional, stylish and climate-appropriate outerwear to complete your professional look.

Ready-made airline skirts

Enhance your professional image with our ready-made airline uniform skirts. The Rome skirt, inspired by the timeless pencil skirt, seamlessly blends sophistication and practicality. With its fashionable cut, feminine silhouette and added slides for improved movement, this skirt is tailored for enduring wear during long shifts. You can choose the ready-made skirt design in classic black, navy and dark grey.

Ready-made airline accessories

Complete your uniform ensemble with our ready-to-wear airline accessories, including hats, ties, gloves, belts and other essentials. We help ensure pilots, flight attendants, cabin crew and ground staff look professional from top to toe.

Achieve the optimal fit and style with our ready-made airline uniforms.

You can choose from an extensive size range of airline uniforms to ensure every airline staff member can be impeccably dressed in a full, ready-made outfit, regardless of gender, size and body type. Additionally, our garments are designed for easy alterations, including buttons and stripes, guaranteeing a pilot or flight attendant uniform tailored to individual needs.