Complete the uniform package with our ready-made cabin crew airline uniforms

The airline uniform is a big part of projecting an airline's image making the cabin crew airline uniform very important. Most cabin crew wants to look elegant and stand out, giving them more authority in the eyes of the passengers. Therefore, it is important that the airline uniform matches the company and its DNA.

Our ready-made collection of garments for the airline industry ensures to dress all staff across groups and functions. The ready-made airline uniform collection offers a safe and reliable option for cabin crew and ground staff uniforms. Our cabin crew airline uniform collection is designed for a stylish and professional appearance, but still with a contemporary look. We update our design regularly to meet changing trends, but never compromising on quality and fit.

Our ready-made collection for cabin crew contains following:

Airline uniform jackets

Our range of ready-made airline uniform jackets are designed to fit a classic uniform package for both men and women. The airline uniform jacket makes it possible to dress cabin crew and ground staff in a stylish and yet classic airline uniform jacket. Our airline uniform jacket comes in short, regular, or long. The airline uniform jacket available in black, navy and dark grey.

Airline uniform pants for men and women

We have airline uniform pants for all airline functions such as cabin crew and ground staff. 

Our airline uniform pants, for men and women, are available in many different fits, and are a perfect choice for cabin crew. Our airline uniform pants are very popular, because of the fabric that makes the airline uniform pants comfortable to wear for long working hours – a must-have for an airline uniform wardrobe.

Our airline uniform pants are available in black, navy, and dark grey.

Airline uniform skirts – perfect for cabin crew  

Our airline uniform skirts are designed in a classic and elegant style to fit the airline uniform requirements in the aviation industry. The airline uniform skirt has straight lines and a narrow fit on the waist. Moreover, our airline uniform skirt is available with slit for improved movement.

Our airline uniform skirts are also available in black, navy and dark grey.

Airline uniform knitwear for men and women

Our ready-made airline uniform collection also includes knitwear for men and women such as pullovers and cardigans – perfect for cabin crew members.

Our knitted airline uniform pullovers for men are made of 50% Wool and 50% Acrylic which makes the pullover very soft on the skin and therefore very comfortable. The airline pullover has a stylish look with a V-neck and gives a professional touch to the airline uniform package.

Our airline uniform cardigan is a must-have for cabin crew, stylish for both men and women. Both for men and women the cardigans are designed with 6 buttons and V-neck. Our uniform cardigans are made of high quality - 50% extra fine Merino wool and 50% acrylic.

Mix the airline uniform pullover and cardigan with an airline uniform shirt and uniform pants for a professional appearance.  

Airline uniform waistcoat for men and women

Make your cabin crew stand out with our chic airline uniform waistcoat. Our airline uniform waistcoat will add elegance and professionalism to your airline uniform package.  

Our well-crafted airline uniform waistcoat is made by a combination of wool, polyester and stretch materials to ensure a comfortable fit. The airline uniform waistcoat is designed with pockets on the front and adjustable strap at the back. 

The waistcoat is available in black, navy and dark grey.

Airline uniform coats for men and women

Our practical and yet stylish outerwear for cabin crew is suitable for changing weather conditions. Our outerwear airline uniform collection has three different coat styles for both men and women which makes our outerwear a key element in all uniform solutions.

Airline uniform shirts

Our wide collection of airline uniform shirts for cabin crew and ground staff will make sure, that you can find the perfect size and fit for any body type.  

Our wide selection of airline uniform shirts does not only vary in the fit, but also in colors. The color palette of our ready-made airline uniform shirt is white and light blue. The composition of the airline uniform shirts varies in fabric but is primarily 100 % cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. Our airline uniform shirts are free form harmful chemicals and substances.

We can also provide you with a wide range of accessories to complete your cabin crew look.
From scarves to ties – we have accessories for both male and female cabin crew.

Airline uniform hats for women

One garment we don’t think get enough attention is the airline uniform hat. The hat can be a key element that adds glamour, sophistication and professionalism to the cabin crew look. Our navy airline uniform hat for women is made from 100 % wool and fit perfectly into a navy airline uniform package.

Airline uniform scarf

Our midnight blue Cardiff scarf is a must-have for cold weather. Made from 100 % wool, the scarf keeps your warm and feel soft at the same time.

Uniform shawls

Our soft and warm midnight blue shawls for women are made from 100 % premium wool. The shawls are a must-have in any airline uniform package as it will keep you warm on cold winter days.  

Airline uniform gloves

For cold days we recommend our classic and chic black airline uniform leather gloves. Our leather gloves will fit in, in any cabin crew airline uniform wardrobe - both men and women.  Our airline uniform gloves are made to fit under the sleeves of the jacket or coat for a chic and sophisticated appearance.  Our black airline uniform leather gloves come in two models. One made of 100 % lambskin with a 100 % premium wool lining, and another made of 100 % lambskin with a fleece lining.

Airline uniform ties

Finish off your airline uniform package with our ties to add sophistication and elegance touch to your uniform look. Our ties are made with either a clip on, Velcro closure or zipper for extra safety.

Our ties are available in navy or black and are designed with clip on, Velcro closure or zipper.
Our ties with clip on and Velcro closure are made for extra safety as the ties are easy to take off.   

Airline Uniform tie clip

Add a sophisticated touch to your airline uniform package with our airline uniform tie clip.

Wallet with belt – ideal for cabin crew

Our one-size wallet with belt is ideal for any cabin crew members. Keeps your valuables and keys safe when working in the cabin. The wallet belt fits perfectly on top of an airline uniform skirt or a pair of uniform pants. Available in navy.

Airline uniform apron – a must-have for any cabin crew members

Our unisex airline uniform apron ensures you to keeps your skirt, pants or dress from stains when working in the cabin serving food and drinks. To fit all airline uniform wearers our airline uniform apron comes in one-size.

Barbeque gloves for serving

Our white barbeque gloves are a must-have for all cabin crew members working in the cabin. Remove trays and pans from the oven with our airline uniform barbeque gloves. With our barbeque gloves you can offer a complete meal service for all passengers without any trouble. Our barbeque leather gloves are designed with extra-long canvas shafts for extra elimination of burns and discomfort on the arms.

Airline uniform socks for male cabin crew

Good socks are hard to get but are very necessary for any airline uniform package. Our airline uniform socks for men are a safe choice in your airline uniform package. With improved breathability and quick drying our socks are comfortable to wear and a must-have.

HI-VIS yellow safety vest - CLASS 2

Our yellow safety vest is necessary in any cabin crew wardrobes. Our yellow high visibility safety vest comes with reflective stripes around the waist and chest. Our HI-VIS yellow safety vest is available in one-size and made from 100 % polyester.