Black airline uniform dress


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Uniform dress for cabin crew

Our airline uniform flight attendant dress guarantees a stylish and professional appearance across different staff groups in the aviation industry. Our airline uniform dress is designed in a contemporary look and is inspired to the trend of the time. We regularly look into changing trends to fit the need of the wearers. We never compromise on quality and fit to ensure satisfied uniform wearers. Cabin crew needs to be able to move freely and easily to provide a great passenger service. This is why we have designed our airline uniform dress based on customer feedback and years of experience in the aviation industry. We have designed a uniform dress that look great, also over time, and allow wearers to perform their daily tasks without worrying about the look or fit of their airline dress. Our ready-made uniform dress is a safe and reliable option for cabin crew.

Ready-made airline uniform dress for cabin crew

Athens airline uniform dress

Complete your airline uniform package with our black Athens uniform dress. Our black uniform dress is chic, stylish and elegant - suitable for many airlines. The flight attendant dress has a feminine cut of the female silhouette and a timeless design, making the dress wearable for many years.

The black Athens uniform dress comes with princess seams in the front and on the back to embrace a feminine silhouette. For improved movement a single center vent is placed on the back of the dress and on the sleeves.

The ready-made cabin crew dress has a feminine cut and a perfect fit due to the stretchy material of the fabric. The stretchy material makes the uniform dress fit different body types.

The length of our ready-made airline uniform dress matches the length most companies in the aviation industry has as a requirement. Not too short and not too long. The cut of the uniform dress is just below or at the knee.

Before adding the airline uniform dress to your cart, please remember to choose the length of the dress after choosing your size. The length comes in a standard length fitting the size or an unhemmed length. The Unhemmed variant of our uniform dress can in some situations be a better choice as you have the possibility to sew the perfect length for your cabin crew. Measure the length for each individual and make the uniform dress fit perfectly for wearer. 

Our Unhemmed model has a raw length of total 109 cm in size 38/M from the top of the zipper and down.

The fabric of the airline uniform dress

The airline uniform dress is made from 54 % Polyester, 42 % Wool and 4 % Elastane making the fabric of the uniform dress stretchy. The composition of the fabric ensures the wearer a great fit and add flexibility to the dress allowing you to move and perform your daily tasks.

Care instruction of the airline uniform dress

The airline uniform dress can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees. Do not tumble dry the uniform dress as this can damage the shape and the fabric of the dress. If needed, you can iron the airline dress. Please do not use higher temperature than medium heat on the iron as this can damage the fabric. If possible, use the wool setting on the iron as well. By using an iron clot, you will avoid any marks.

Complete the uniform package for you and your staff

We also provide uniform skirts, pants and jackets in black to match the black uniform dress. In that way we can deliver the whole uniform package. Our ready-made collection is also available in navy and dark grey.  

Too complete the outfit match the cabin crew uniform dress with a uniform jacket. Read more about our airline uniform jacket here. These airline uniform garments will fit perfectly together. Finish up the cabin crew outfit with a uniform scarf or a uniform hat.  

Additionally, we also provide a range of accessories to complete the cabin crew uniform look. Read more about our accessories here.