Premium staff coats

Outerwear catering to fashion-forward uniform wearers
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Tech coats for airline staff

When the weather calls for warmer clothes, our tech coat keeps you warm.
Our tech coats for both men and women feature a stylish, timeless look with a few carefully chosen details. Our Thorshavn tech coat for men has a practical chest front pocket and black reflectors, while our Tromsø tech coat for women boasts a feminine silhouette for a chic, fashionable fit. Both male and female styles come with a removable hood and lining, allowing for flexible use if conditions require it.

Our tech coats will keep wearers warm and dry being wind- and waterproof. To ensure the excellent water repellency, the shell jacket of the coat is treated with the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO coating.

The coats are soft, and the breathable fabric regulates the temperature. They are ideal for airline staff flying to and from colder climates and in need of fashionable quality outerwear to complete their uniform look.

Detachable lining to meet all demands

The tech coats keep you warm in colder climates; however, the detachable lining also makes the coats comfortable and practical during summer time. By zipping off the removable lining, you can turn your tech coat into a stylish summer coat.

The tech coats are of the highest quality and extremely durable. Combined with a contemporary and timeless fit, the tech coats will benefit wearers for a long time.
Tech coats are available in black. Please contact us if looking for additional colors. 

Comfortable and practical Teck Coats

Black Torshavn Tech Coat

High quality outerwear coats
for men and women

As part of our uniform outerwear range for men and women, we also carry our Stockholm coat for men and Kiruna coat for women.

The Stockholm and Kiruna coats are both waterproof and wrinkle-free and made from polyester and twill cotton for a comfortable wear.

Both coats come in a stylish navy color and work well with the rest of your uniform look.

The coats will keep your crew warm and comfortable during winter and will serve as stylish summer coats too due to the detachable thinsulate lining.

Both the Kiruna coat for women and the Stockholm coat for men make a stylish and functional item to your uniform solution.

High quality outerwear

Uniform outerwear

Wool coats for staff uniforms

Our range of premium uniform outerwear also includes coats made from wool. Wool is an amazing fiber for outerwear as it has unique thermal qualities and is extremely durable.

Wearers will appreciate the stylish and elegant design of our wool coats that complements the uniform look. The Espoo men’s coat comes with a fashionable fit, features two side pockets and sits just above the knee.

Our elegant and buttoned Gotland coat for women is cut just above the knee, features a center back vent and looks amazing with or without a belt.

The Espoo and Gotland coats come in a beautiful midnight blue and will make your crew travel in style and keep them warm during wintertime or when jetting off to colder climates.

Wool Coats

Wool uniform coats

Classic trench coat
for men and women

The Trench Coat were originally designed as a military coat and has been a staple in wardrobes for generations.

Our stylish and modern version of the trench coat brings this evergreen back into the realms of uniforms.

Practical single-breasted model with the shoulder straps, gun flap and cuff straps. The trench coat is produced from water-repellent cotton blend twill fabric with a soft wool lining inside in the upper half.

The Navy Aberdeen Trench Coat for women has an elegant and feminine look and comes in a short and regular version.

The Navy Hamilton Trench Coat for men completes the professional look of the uniform.

Both the Aberdeen and the Hamilton trench coat has shoulder straps for epaulettes to signal rank.

The trench coat is a stylish supplement to your uniform appearance.

Classic Trench Coats

Navy Aberdeen Trench Coat