Hats and caps for pilots
and flight attendants

Elegantly designed airline hats and caps for pilots and cabin crew to complete your professional look.

The flight attendant and pilot hat: The perfect accessory for your uniform

More than just a piece of attire, flight attendant hats and pilot hats serve as powerful symbols, distinguishing your crew from passengers and delineating roles within the aviation team. As a key feature of your uniform program, the airline hat contributes to the overall look and feel of your airline's signature style. Matching seamlessly with the rest of the uniform, these hats represent authority, professionalism and a commitment to a distinctive and unified appearance.

Take, for example, the distinctive flight attendant hats that Qatar Airways’ female staff wears. These easily recognisable airline hats play a crucial role in defining the overall appearance of the airline’s uniforms. They exude professionalism and authority, distinguishing crew members from passengers and flight deck personnel from cabin crew.

In recent years, airline hats have made a comeback and for good reason. They serve as a powerful symbol, instantly conveying authority and professionalism, as well as elevating your airline's entire aesthetic. So, whether you're a pilot or a flight attendant, donning an airline hat is the perfect way to complete your uniform and make a lasting impression on your passengers.


Qatar stewardess hat

Highlight your unique brand identity
with on-style airline caps and hats.

Typically matching the rest of the uniform, flight attendant hats and pilot caps seamlessly blend with the overall ensemble to create a cohesive and polished look that follows your uniform guidelines. As such, a well-chosen airline hat enhances the professionalism and credibility of the airline staff.

At Olino, we take pride in our approach to designing pilot and flight attendant hats that exude elegance and professionalism. Our timeless airline cap and hat designs are available in classic colours like black or navy to help you achieve a first-class look.

We believe in using only the highest quality materials for our flight attendants and pilot hats. Our airline felt hats are made with 100% wool for optimal performance and comfort. For a unique blend of style, comfort and durability, we offer pilot hats made with a composition of 43% wool, 55% polyester and 2% elastane.


Burgundy airline hat on female cabin crew

Ready-made and bespoke
airline hats

Craft a distinctive and first-class professional look with Olino's collection of pilot and flight attendant hats. Here, you have the option to choose from our ready-made airline hats or our bespoke solution.

Our ready-made hats include classic styles available in different variants to suit most airlines’ uniform dress codes and different roles. If you want to add a personal touch, we also offer the possibility to customise the look by adding your logo or extra details.

If you prefer to create a truly signature look that perfectly fits your unique brand identity, we also provide bespoke airline hats fully tailored to your unique airline. We create the design from scratch, including the relevant colours, design details and brand elements that best represent your brand.

Navy pilot cap

Flight attendant hats:
A key part of your uniform branding

Flight attendant hats serve as a key element in representing your airline in the best way possible. These hats not only add glamour and style to your uniform but also contribute to the overall branding and identity of your airline.

At Olino, we specialise in designing and equipping popular airlines around the world with air stewardess hats and airline felt hats. With our rich expertise in this particular niche area, we carefully consider every aspect of the design process to create high-quality signature hats that perfectly align with your airline's image and values.

Our supply services ensure that all your air crew staff around the world are equipped with new flight attendant hats, allowing you to maintain a consistent and professional appearance.

Red Cabin crew hat

Pilot caps: Showcase authority and confidence

Few elements communicate authority like a pilot cap. From a distance, it distinctly signifies your role on the flight deck, setting you apart from the cabin crew and other staff in uniforms.

Our pilot caps adhere to traditional design principles with a refined touch. They typically feature a badge or emblem on the front, often incorporating wings and the airline's logo. The caps also indicate rank through the use of embroidered leaves with them being included in the airline captain hats’ design, while first officers' caps are without them.

We offer a range of pilot caps to suit your specific rank and role. Our ready-made Paris pilot cap is available with either gold or silver trim and can be customised with or without embroidered leaves. These ready-made caps are versatile and can be adjusted to achieve the desired uniform look.

5 most important characteristics Of airline pilot caps

Navy pilot cap

Complete airline uniform solutions: We help dress airlines from top to toe

As a one-stop shop for your airline uniform needs, we provide everything you need, from a full range of garments for men and women to various accessories, to ensure you and your staff are dressed accordingly to represent your airline and your specified role the best way possible. We can also take care of the entire process, from design and fitting to personalised supply programmes. Partner with Olino for all your airline uniform needs.

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