Hats and caps for pilots and cabin crew complete your professional look.

Pilot caps and stewardess hats
Quality airline hats

Airline hats are an important part of your uniform program and serve as a unique feature for your airline’s entire look. Just think of Qatar Airways and their signature appearance partly due to their felt hats.

Cabin crew hats and pilot caps complete any uniform and serve as one of the most distinctive elements for securing authority and professionalism.

It is a powerful symbol that helps distinguish crew from passengers and flight deck crew members from the cabin crew. 

In recent years, airline hats have made a comeback, and they play an ever more prominent role in creating a distinctive and professional airline uniform look.

Qatar stewardess hat

Cabin crew hats
an element of style and branding

Stewardess hats are a key uniform element that adds glamour, style and strong branding to the uniform. Designing the perfect hat requires careful consideration and insight.

We have very strong skills in the niche area of air stewardess hats and airline felt hats, and we are currently specifying, designing and producing high-quality signature hats for several airlines.

Our supply services make sure you always have the hats you need.

Red Cabin crew hat

Pilot caps

Communicating confidence and safety

Pilot caps clearly define your flight deck crew and make them readily identifiable. Most pilot caps will feature a rank order, with captain caps bearing embroidered leaves.

The cap design can bear your airline’s brand identity via the color of the braid, embroidery or metal.

Pilot caps usually come in just a few variants. Traditionally, military-inspired airline caps featuring larger tops and a stiff appearance have been popular. Today, more airlines go for a softer version with a slightly smaller top.

In our stock program, we have our Paris Pilot Cap with Golden or Silver trim and embroidered leaves. The First Officer cap comes with trim, and the cap for the Captain comes with trim and embroidered leaves.


Navy pilot cap