We have uniform pants for pilots, cabin crew, ground staff and for professional corporate wear.
Choose from several designs and colors.


We have designed our airline uniform collections, including uniform pants, to fit the airline industry’s needs and requirements. Our wide range of ready-made items makes it easy for you to complete your airline uniform package.

Many well-known companies in the aviation industry use our ready-made uniform garment as the backbone of their airline uniform solution combined with customized features. By adding customized and eye-catching items and details to our ready-made collection, our clients make our uniform garments into their own to match their brand identity and company culture.  

We update our ready-made garments regularly based on customer feedback. Our airline uniform garments are tried and tested by wearers. All our airline uniform garments are made in high quality, with perfect fits and in stylish and professional designs.

Our ready-made airline uniform wear is both safe and reliable. Our ready-made garments cover all your needs for an airline uniform. Our wide range of uniform garments offers a professional look and style, and it reduces your own stock risk and simplifies your supply management. One of our most popular airline uniform garments are our uniform pants.

Waist down – our recommendation for airline uniform pants

Our airline uniform pants should be comfortable for you as you are moving around and performing your daily tasks.  So, we recommend you to aim for a few extra inches for flexibility at the hips and the thighs. The perfect airline uniform pants should be able to stay up without any belt on. Therefore, you should be able to get a finger, maybe two, between your waist and waistband – no more.
The length of the pants is also very important. If the pants are too short or too long, you lose the professional look. We recommend that the airline uniform pants only lay on the top of your shoes. Not stopping over the shoes or be so long that the pants reach the heel of your shoes or the ground. The right length of the airline uniform pants see the picture below.

The airline uniform pants

Our wide range of airline uniform pants for pilots, cabin crew, ground staff are designed in different fits to be able to dress all staff members. Both men and women. Most of our airline uniform models are avaible in black, navy and dark grey as these colors are the most common in the airline industry.

Most of our uniform pants contain a high percentage of wool. Uniform garments including a high percentage of wool tend to be very popular as wool make the pants keep the shape. Therefore, we have prioritized to use wool in many of our garments as the wool makes the uniform look fresh and sharp for a long time. 

Airline uniform pants for men

Our ready-made airline uniform pants for men are available in three different styles to meet the needs of the airline staff.

Our Amsterdam styles feature a classic and stylish fit with slightly tapered legs and a flat front.

Our Glasgow airline uniform pants have pleats, two front pockets and a classic fit.

Our San Jose is made by a stretchier fabric, than the other two airline uniform pants models, making the San Jose our most stretchy uniform pants.

Underneath you can see the three different airline uniform pants models for men.

Trousers length at the shoes

PantsGlasgowAmsterdamSan Jose
RiseMedium riseMedium riseLow/Medium rise
FrontClassic pleated frontFlat frontFlat front 
LegsStraight legsSlightly tapered legs Slim legs


Airline uniform pants for women

Our chic and feminine airline uniform pants for female pilots and cabin crew are a must-have in all wardrobes. Our airline uniform pants models are divided into four different fits to be able to find the perfect fit for you. Our uniform pants are tested by wears to fill the needs you have for your airline uniform package. 

Our airline uniform pants for women include our Vienna uniform model featuring medium rise. The uniform pants are designed with pleated straight legs and two pockets in the front.

Our Lisbon uniform pants has a feminine touch with a lower rise, two front pockets and a flat front.

If you look for super stretch uniform pants El Paso is the right fit for you. The El Paso airline uniform pants are one of the favorites because of the stretchy fabric. The material is made of the perfect combination which makes the airline uniform pants very comfortable and yet stylish. Suitable for female airline uniform wearers favoring a medium rise, slim legs and super stretchy fit. This fit has pockets both in the front and the back.

Our airline uniform pants collection also contains the Málaga model. Also, this airline uniform pants model has pockets in the front and the back and a slim fit in the legs. This airline uniform pants model is perfectly suited for working in the cabin or in the cockpit.

Our female airline uniform pants collection is available in following fit:

ModelViennaLisbonEl PasoMálaga
RiseMedium riseLow/Medium riseMedium riseMedium rise
FrontFlat frontFlat front Flat front Flat front 
LegsStraight legsStraight legs Slim legsSlim legs 


Please contact us at olino@olino.dk for customized airline uniform pants in other colors.