Flight attendant dresses

for airline staff

A female aviation uniform is not complete without a stylish and classic airline dress.

Airline dresses
made to fit

Our uniform solutions also include fashionable and chic dresses for flight attendants and female ground staff. Your female staff members need to appear professional and classy in a dress designed to fit with your airline or company brand.

We provide dresses for flight attendants for a large number of aviation clients. Jazeera Airways signature dress with the characteristic print on the sleeve is just one example of how we can design and produce your airline’s new female flight attendant dress. You can either bring your own design sketches, hire a professional designer or let us design your dress solution. No matter what, we will always apply our accumulated experience to ensure a fashionable and chic flight attendant dress for your female crew members. 

To ensure a perfect fit for all uniform wearers, we perform personal fittings and tailor the uniform dresses individually. This creates a professional, practical and stylish appearance.

Customized airline dresses
with the right fit

Just like other bespoke garments for your uniform solution, we can create a flight attendant dress that meets all of your design requirements. We make sure that the airline dress corresponds to the rest of your uniform look and underlines the visual identity of your airline or company.

Cabin crew members need to be able to move freely and easily providing a great passenger experience. Based on customer feedback and years of experience in the field, we create uniform dress solutions that look great and allow wearers to perform their daily tasks without worrying about the fit or look of their airline dress.

We can design dresses in various fits, styles, colors and fabrics. Please get in touch to get started on developing your new flight attendant dress.

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Individual design
to match your needs

We have great experience in working with sketches from designers, such as our uniform dress solution for Icelandair. With our expertise in developing garments for the aviation industry, we guarantee a unique and fashionable dress solution to fit your airline’s and female employees’ needs and wishes.

Besides designing a unique dress look for your cabin crew and other female staff members, you can also customize your uniform solution by adding scarfs, hats or other items. This creates a signature appearance for your flight attendants and ground staff making them easily recognizable.

We do not carry a dress range in our standard stock program. However, we gladly draw on our experience in developing, designing and producing airline dresses to meet all your requirements. Please make contact if you would like to know more about your options.

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