Premium aviation shirts in a variety of styles, fits and colors.

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In order to keep up with contemporary trends, we update the design of our product range regularly.

We provide flight and ground crews with a wide selection of airline uniform shirts. We cater to our customers’ need for fashionable pilot shirts, long variants or slim fits and comfortable shirts for ground staff. Fits vary from tapered styles to shirts with a classic cut for a casual, yet professional look. 

White and light blue dominate the color palette throughout our product range. The fabric composition varies between styles but is primarily a blend of cotton and polyester. The fabric of the shirts are free from harmful chemicals and substances. 

Moreover, our airline uniform shirts are easy to iron allowing wearers to easily dress in style while travelling around the world. 

Olino Pilot uniform shirt

Airline uniform shirts
from our stock program

Our Berlin shirt collection for men and Budapest collection for women are made of a slightly heavier fabric composition. A heavier fabric makes the garments more durable and, as a result, the shirts last longer, without compromising on fit or look. In addition, the shirts are easy to clean and iron.

The collection of airline shirts is ideally suited for cabin crew and ground staff exposed to wear and tear and require garments made from quality fabrics. 

Pilot shirts also come in different styles that are true to aviation tradition and display a professional and authoritative look. Our styles vary in design and are available with one or two buttoned chest pockets and tabs on the shoulders to attach epaulettes.

Our entire range of ready-made pilot shirts come in classic white with either long or short sleeves.

Airline shirts from stock program

Cabin crew uniform shirt