Our wide range of ready-made navy garments for airline uniforms includes jackets, pilot epaulettes, pants, skirts, pullovers, sweaters, waistcoats, cardigans, waistcoats and coats. Moreover, we have all the needed accessories: belts, shawls, gloves, socks, apron and tie. 

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Navy airline uniform collection

Airline jackets

Our range of ready-made airline jackets in navy are designed to fit a classic uniform solution for both men and women. The airline jackets have a stylish and elegant design and makes it possible to dress all airline staff such as pilots, cabin crew and ground staff.

Our airline jackets are also available in black and dark grey and are customizable. Customize your airline jackets with stripes and buttons to match your uniform package.

All our airline jacket models are all tried and tested by users.

Navy pilot epaulettes

Signal your rank by stripes.

Make your pilot crews stand out from the crowd by the number of stripes.

Customize by choosing between gold or silver and the number of stripes – from one to four.

Airline pants

We have airline uniform pants for all airline employees: pilots, cabin crew and ground staff. 

Our navy airline uniform pants, for men and women, is available in many different fits and models.  

Women – Vienna and Lisbon.

For men – Glasgow and Amsterdam.

For both men and women, we have a navy super stretch model: San Jose and El Paso.

Airline uniform skirts

Our airline skirts are designed in a classic and elegant style to fit the uniform package. The navy airline skirts are available with a center back slit for improved movement and make it a must-have in any uniform solution. For a perfect fit we can customize the length of the skirt to suit you perfectly.

The airline skirt is made from 43% wool, 55% polyester and stretch materials for a perfect fit.

Our airline skirts are also available in black and dark grey.

Airline pullovers

Our knitted navy airline pullovers for men are made of 50% Easy Care Wool and 50% Acrylic which makes the pullover comfortable and soft. The airline pullover has a stylish look with a V-neck and gives a professional touch to the uniform solution.

The airline pullover requires a minimal ironing and is suitable for machine washing.

Our uniform pullovers are also available in black and dark grey.

Airline waistcoat

Give your airline uniform appearance a fashionable touch with our waistcoat.

Made by a combination of wool, polyester and stretch materials we ensure a professional and comfortable fit. Our airline waistcoat will add an elegant and chic touch for any airline uniform package. The stylish look allows you to style your crew/staff to match your brand style.

Our well-crafted airline waistcoats for men and women have pockets on the front and adjustable strap at the back. 

The waistcoat is also available in black and dark grey.

Airline Coats

Our professional outerwear for airline staff uniforms contains a wide range of practical, yet stylish outerwear for changing weather conditions.

For both men and women, we have three different styles of navy airline coats.

All our coat models meet all the needs of a pilot, airline crew and staff members, and which makes them a key element in all uniform solutions.

Airline cardigan

Our navy airline cardigan is a must-have for both men and women.  Our quality cardigans are made from 50% extra fine Merino wool and 50% acrylic. The model has 6 buttons and V-neck.  

Stylish for both male and female staff.

As most of our knitwear our airline cardigans are suitable for machine washing and require minimal ironing.


Make a statement with accessories

Add an individual touch with carefully selected accessories to showcase your company brand or cultural legacy.

Uniform shawls

Our classic midnight blue uniform shawls for women and men are made from 100 % premium wool. It will not only keep you warm in the winter season, but also complete your uniform outfit with a stylish touch. The shawls are a must-have in any airline uniform package for on cold and chilly days.

Uniform ties

Complete your sophisticated airline uniform look with our premium ties in navy.  All our ties have an elegant, weaved pattern for a classic look suitable for all airline staff.

Our ties are either designed with a Velcro closure, clip on or zipper for added safety.

All our navy uniform ties give you a stylish and professional look and fit our navy uniform collection.

Uniform caps

Show your rank with our uniform cap. Our navy uniform cap is available in two variants from our stock range: gold or silver.  

Our captain cap is available with a gold or silver trim and embroidered leaves in matching color.

Adding the embroidered leaves to the cap, the captain cap price comes with an extra charge.

First Officer’s cap comes with a gold or silver trim.

To complete the uniform look, add on pilot wings.

Pilot epaulette

Make your pilot crews stand out with our classic navy pilot epaulettes on their pilot shirts.

Let your pilot crew show their rank with the number of stripes, from one to four, with gold or silver stripes.
Our classic navy pilot epaulette gives pilots a professional look and matches to our collection of uniform wear.

We can also recommend our dark grey epaulettes for a dark grey uniform wear.

Wallet with belt

Our one-size navy airline uniform wallet with belt keeps your valuables, keys and cash safe when working in the cabin. Some of the pockets in the wallet are made with zippers for added protection of your valuables.

The wallet belt fits on top of a uniform skirt or a pair of uniform pants.