Here we have sweaters and cardigans for your female staff uniforms.

We offer a wide range of quality cardigans made from wool - available in several colors.

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Ready-made knitwear for female uniform wearers

Our airline uniform garment collection includes all you need for your uniform package. Our ready-made uniform collection contains a range of uniform knitwear for female uniform wearers like cabin crew and ground staff. Our ready-made airline uniform knitwear collection offers a safe and reliable option for you and your staff designed to give you a stylish and professional appearance. We never compromise on quality, look or fit. The design of our ready-made airline knitwear collection is updated to meet the demand and needs within aviation.

All our airline uniform knitwear is tested by uniform wearers which is why we know our airline uniform knitwear lives up to the needs of the wearers and the daily tasks they perform.

Airline uniform knitwear that lasts and look good for a long time

Being part of the garment industry, we are very aware of our responsibility. Our airline uniform knitwear is designed and manufactured to last and look good for a long time. We want to be responsible and protect the environment and the same wants our customers. Making our uniform knitwear from very high-quality fabric the uniform knitwear will last for a long time if you maintain it correctly. Additionally, we produce our airline uniform knitwear on order or forecasts from our customers to minimize any waste.

To learn more about how to handle uniform knitwear the best way, we recommend you read the sections: How to keep your airline uniform knitwear last longer and look better and/or our blog post: How to maintain your uniform.

Our ready-made airline uniform knitwear collection for female uniform wearers

Our Lillehammer airline uniform cardigan for cabin crew and ground staff wanting to look chic, sophisticated and elegant. Our airline uniform cardigan Lillehammer is made from 50% wool and 50% acrylic. The lightweight of the fabric makes the uniform knitwear very soft and comfortable to wear - a must-have for every female uniform wearer. Use the Lillehammer cardigan when working in changing climates as the wool will help you regulate the temperature.

Our Lillehammer uniform cardigan comes with a v-neck and 6 buttons fastening at the front. The Lillehammer cardigan has a Fashion fit and is designed with sleeves with rib-knit cuffs, shaped sides and Tubular knit banded hem.

The Lillehammer uniform cardigan is available in navy, black and dark grey making the Lillehammer cardigan fit perfectly into the rest of our ready-made airline uniform collection.

The fabric of the airline uniform knitwear for female uniform wearers

The Lillehammer cardigan is made from 50% Extra fine Merino Wool and 50 % acrylic. The anti-pilling keeps the cardigan look nice for a long time.

The care instructions of the airline uniform knitwear

The uniform cardigan is easy to care for as it is suitable for machine washing. The cardigan can be washed at 30 degrees if needed. But often it is enough to airing the uniform knitwear.
If needed, you can iron the uniform cardigan on the lowest heat on the iron. The airline uniform knitwear is an easy-care garment making the knitwear requiring minimal ironing.

Overtime it might be necessary to use a lint remover to remove excess wool. When doing so the airline uniform knitwear will look as new again.