Dress up your uniform with a waist coat and add a professional look to your uniform solution.
Available in several colors.


In our opinion there is one airline uniform garment that doesn´t get talked about enough, and that is the uniform waist coat. This garment might not be an item you think of for a daily wear, but for an airline uniform package it is a must-have. Once mastered, the uniform waist coat it can create a whole new dimension to your airline uniform appearance and make your pilots, cabin crew and ground staff look sophisticated and chic.   

Your airline uniform choices have a huge impact on the way you stand out from the crowd and how customers perceive the company brand. Adding a traditional single-breasted waist coat to your airline uniform solution will make your pilots, cabin crew and ground staff look stylish, sophisticated and professional. The airline uniform waist coat adds class to the uniform package and makes a good first impression.  Make the uniform waist coat like the rest of your uniform solution an extension of your brand and company culture.

But like all other garments related to airline uniform wear, there are a few things to consider when wearing a uniform waist coat.

How to properly wear your airline uniform waist coat - our recommendations

The waist coats fit of the body is nearly everything. Like a coat, the uniform waistcoat should be tight but not too tight. The airline uniform waist coat should lay smoothly on your chest and only have minimal loose fabric in the back where the adjustable strap straps you in.

Our airline uniform waist coat is designed with bigger armholes to avoid restricting movements. A well-fitted uniform waist coat needs to be long enough to cover the top of the waistband of the uniform pants, so no shirt is shown between the belt and the waist coat. The sides and the back of airline uniform waist coat have the same cut and should therefore not show any shirt as well. But couscous of wearing a well-fitted shirt underneath. Tucked the shirt in tightly to prevent the shirt to puff up and showing from under the waist coat. No wrinkles on the front, side or back of the waist coat as wrinkles means that the waist coat is too tight. But a uniform waist coat should not be too big as well. A properly fitted waist coat should be snugging your torso.  

Moreover, the shoulders of the airline uniform waist coat should always lie flat on your own shoulders. Your airline uniform waist coat should always lay tight against the back of your neck, also when wearing a shirt underneath. The airline uniform waist coat´s neck needs to follow the line of your shirt collar around your neck. If the uniform waist coat doesn’t follow, you might get a gap because the fit is off. If so, go for another size.

Additionally, like an airline uniform jacket, the last button should be left undone, but the rest needs to be buttoned.

Our airline uniform waist coat

Styling your cabin crew or ground staff in our airline uniform waist coat to create a professional and refined appearance.

Our airline uniform waist coat is made in a timeless and classic fashion fit, making it wearable for years. We have designed our airline uniform waist coat with a single-breasted fit as this is the most popular models of waist coats because this style looks flattering on any body shape.

Our airline uniform waist coat is designed with buttons and pockets in the front along with adjustable straps on the back. Our black airline uniform waist coat style has a small pen pocket in the left side.

The composition of our uniform waist coat is wool, polyester and a bit of elastane. The stretchy materials make the waist coat fit perfectly and comfortable to wear.

The uniform waistcoat is suitable for washing machine when washing on 30 degrees as well as ironing.

Standard airline uniform solutions and customized airline uniform outfits

Our high-quality ready-made airline uniform waist coat is available for in black, navy and dark grey. If our ready-made airline uniform collection doesn’t fit our or you needs, please contact us on olino@olino.dk or phone number +45 66 15 61 33 for more information.

Make a statement with your airline uniform

Some companies want a complete airline uniform package specifically tailored to their needs. Others don´t. Often our ready-made airline uniform garments, such as our airline uniform waist coat, are a match and therefore more cost-effective. Therefore, we recommend you look through our ready-made collection in black, navy and dark grey on our web shop and see if our airline uniform garments fit your airline uniform need. Add details and signature add-ons to our ready-made collection such as gloves, shawls, uniform belts, uniform tie and tie clips.  By doing so you will make your airline uniform fit your company and make it easy to recognize your brand.