We have womens uniform jackets for a professional, stylish look.
Choose between several fits and designs.
The jackets are available in black, navy and charcoal.

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Our ready-made uniform jackets for female pilots, cabin crew and ground staff are designed to fit a large group of functions and needs in the airline industry.

Our airline uniform jacket collection for women

One of our very popular ready-made airline uniform garments is our airline uniform jacket.
The airline uniform jacket is made of high-quality fabric. We never compromise on the quality of our styles as we want to design garments that you enjoy wearing and will last for a long time.

Airline uniform jackets for women – for a stylish and professional look

To get a professional and stylish look for pilots, cabin crew and ground staff we recommend starting at the top – the airline uniform jacket. General for an airline uniform is the combination of a uniform jacket (blazer) and an airline uniform shirt mixed with uniform pants or skirt - all depending on your function.

Our ready-made airline uniform jacket for women is single-breasted with a feminine silhouette.

Our Geneva airline uniform jacket comes in a short, regular, or long version.

  • The short model has a centre back length of 59,5 cm (size 38/M)
  • The regular model has a centre back length of 63,5 cm (size 38/M
  • The long model has a centre back length of 67,5 cm (size 38/M)

The Geneva airline uniform jacket is suitable or most body types and is designed with vertical seams in the front and on the back for a feminine fit. The airline uniform jacket is fully lined inside making the airline uniform very comfortable to wear. The airline uniform jacket is designed for movement and allows pilots, cabin crew and ground staff to perform their daily tasks.

The design of the airline uniform jacket is very chic and stylish. Designed with one chest pocket on the left side (used for wings by pilots) and two front pockets which gives the airline jacket a classic look. The two pockets are made with flaps, allowing the flaps to be tucked in for a different look. Moreover, the airline uniform jacket has two buttons in the front for closing giving the jacket a traditional and professional look.
Our ready-made airline uniform jacket is available in black, navy, and dark grey.

We are sure that when you have tried our airline uniform jacket you will feel comfortable and make it a key garment in your airline uniform package.

Airline uniform jacket for female pilots

Besides being available in three lengths to suit all airline uniform wearers, the Geneva airline uniform jacket can also be customized to fit a pilot. By adding gold or silver stripes on the sleeves and change the buttons to gold or silver to match, the airline uniform jacket will turn into a pilot jacket.

Fitting guideline for airline uniform jackets

The fit of the airline uniform jacket needs to be on point. If the airline uniform jacket does not fit correctly the stylish and professional appearance disappear. Therefore, we recommend you read our guide to find the perfect airline jacket fit and how to avoid shoulder divot and collar gap. Click here to read more.

The fabric of the airline uniform jacket for women

The composition of our fabric for our airline uniform garments is carefully chosen. Many of our ready-made uniform collection garments contains a high percentage of wool. By using a high percentage of wool, the ready-made airline uniform collection will keep its shape for a long time, when you handle it with care.

Crafted from premium wool and blended with polyester for durability and elastane for a stretchy fit makes the airline uniform jacket very comfortable to wear doing working hours.

Care instructions for our airline uniform jacket

As our airline uniform jacket is made from 43% Wool, 55% Polyester and 2% Elastane our airline uniform jacket is not suitable for machine wash – only dry cleaning. To maintain the life of the airline uniform jacket, minimize the frequency of dry cleaning as much as possible. Moreover, do not bleach or tumble dry your airline uniform jacket.
If you need to iron the airline uniform jacket, please use the wool setting on the iron and use an iron clot to avoid shine marks.

To maintain the shape of the airline uniform jacket we recommend you to always hang the uniform jacket on a broad hanger and avoid hanging in direct sunlight as this can change the color of the airline uniform jacket by time.