Dress yourself or your staff in stylish sweaters, cardigans, pullovers or slipovers to create a professional uniform outfit.
You can easily match our popular knitwear with pants, shirts or jackets as they come in the three colors black, navy and dark grey.

Airline uniform knitwear for men and women

Our ready-made airline uniform knitwear collection includes all the knitwear you need for your airline uniform package.

Our ready-made range of uniform knitwear for the airline industry ensures to dress pilots, cabin crew and ground staff – in other words all staff across groups and functions in the industry. Our ready-made airline uniform knitwear range offers a safe and reliable option for all airline uniforms staff. Our ready-made uniform knitwear collection is designed to give you a stylish and professional appearance with a contemporary look. We update our design regularly to meet changing trends and never compromise on quality, look and fit. All our airline uniform knitwear is tested by wearers, and we are therefore sure, that the uniform knitwear lives up to all the needs within aviation.

Our airline uniform knitwear collection has a big variation of knitwear for both men and women. The collection includes NATO-sweater/pullover and basic knitwear. All our uniform knitwear is designed to fulfill your needs, comfortable to wear and most importantly to last for a long time. To learn how to handle knitwear the best way, please read the section below: “How to keep your airline uniform knitwear last longer and look better”.

The style and fit of the airline uniform knitwear

Our airline uniform knitwear has a classic, sophisticated, and timeless design making it suitable for many airlines and wearable for many years.

The airline uniform knitwear collection contains pilot knitwear such as our NATO sweater and NATO pullover. Our classic NATO uniform sweater and pullover are designed with shoulder straps for epaulettes. See more about our navy epaulettes here and our black epaulettes here. You can choose between 3 or 4 stripes in gold or silver. 

Moreover, we have our basic airline uniform knitwear for men: pullovers and cardigans. This knitwear fits perfectly for cabin crew and ground staff. Stylish and yet classic uniform knitwear to look sophisticated and professional.

The Halmstad pullover is a classic long-sleeved pullover with a v-neck. Ideal for wearing with or without a uniform tie. The color palette of the pullover is black, navy and dark grey.

Also, our Kalmar cardigan comes with a v-neck and is available in black and navy. An elegant cardigan with 6 buttons in the front. Soft and very comfortable to wear.

For female uniform wearers our airline uniform knitwear collection includes our long sleeved v-neck cardigans, Lillehammer. These uniform cardigans are simple, elegant and has a feminine cut. Comes with 6 buttons in the front, and avalible in black, navy and dark grey. The v-neck makes the cardigan ideal to wear with or without a uniform scarf. Suitable for both cabin crew and ground staff.

For both men and women our uniform knitwear has a Fashion fit. The uniform knitwear is slimmer to the shoulders and closer fit to the body, but there is still room at the chest and waist. A classic and comfortable fit. The Fashion fit is suitable for most body types and shapes.

Our airline uniform knitwear is made from wool and acrylic making the knitwear very soft and comfortable to wear.

How to keep your airline uniform knitwear last longer and look better

There are some few simple tricks to do to get your airline uniform knitwear to last longer and look better for a long time. We recommend you to do these tricks every time you have used your airline uniform knitwear if possible.

First, leave the uniform knitwear unfolded for a few hours, every time it has been used as this will be good for the fabric. Unfolding will help the knitwear to let moisture evaporate. If you by any chance have the possibility to hang the knitwear outside for some time to freshen up, this will be even better. If you fold the uniform knitwear as soon as you take it off the moisture will not evaporate and by time this can damage the fabrics of the knitwear. 

When the moisture has been evaporated, the airline uniform knitwear can be fold as shown on the picture below and put into a dark closet. We will always recommend you put the uniform knitwear into a dark closet as this will protect the color of the knitwear over time.

Care instructions for uniform knitwear

Knitwear with wool requires less washing than most other uniform garments. And even less washing if you let the uniform knitwear airing between wearing as recemented above. When washing the uniform knitwear please turn the inside out and wash according to the instructions on the care label inside the knitwear. If possible, choose a gentle wash cycle/wool program on the washing machine and use wool detergent. This will keep the airline uniform knitwear look good for a long time.

All our airline uniform knitwear can be washed at 30 degrees, but do not tumble try the knitwear as this will damage the fabric and shape. If needed, you can iron or steam the uniform knitwear with low temperature. Please always use the lowest heating on the iron to lengthen the lifetime of the knitwear. Over time it might be necessary to use a lint remover to remove excess wool.