Complete your professional look with our shirts made of comfortable fabrics. Available in various fits, designs and color.
You are able to find a uniform shirt that fits you perfectly.

Ready-made airline uniform shirts

Our wide range of airline uniform shirts for pilots, cabin crew and ground staff will make sure, that you will find the perfect fit for you and your airline staff. Our premium airline uniform shirts are designed in various colors and fits to be sure that you will find the fit you need for your body shape regardless of if you are a man or a woman.  

In the fashion industry shirts are often used with a pair of pants without any additional garments, but in the aviation industry the airline uniform shirt is still used more traditionally. In the airline industry the uniform shirt is, more or less always, worn under an airline uniform waistcoat or an airline jacket with a pair of uniform pants or an airline uniform skirt.

The airline uniform shirt is one of the most important garments in airline uniform wear and a backbone of the airline uniform package. Therefore, it is very important that you find the airline uniform shirt that complements your company brand style and your body shape. The proper airline uniform shirt will fit into your airline uniform wardrobe and match your other uniform garments. With our wide range of shirts, we will make sure that you will find a shirt with a great fit that fulfill your needs.

Before choosing your size

The length of your arms and the measurement around your neck give you a good indicator and guideline for your general size that will fit your body type.

Stand with the arm relaxed down the side of your body. Measure from the top of the shoulder, let the tape measure follow the outside of the arm to the desired length of the sleeve. Next you use the measure tape to measure around your neck.

Our ready-made airline uniform shirts collection

We have a wide range of airline uniform shirts with different fits to be able to style both male and female pilots, cabin crew and ground staff.

The latest addition to our uniform range is the new 4-way stretch shirt. With its unique composition of materials, you will get a shirt that stands out from the rest. It is very soft and extremely comfortable. It includes, spandex and modal, allowing it to stretch without losing its shape while remaining incredibly soft.

4-way stretch shirts.

Introducing the brand new 4-way stretch shirts. In close collaboration with experienced pilots and professionals, we have designed a uniform shirt that is exceptional in its comfort. Using a unique combination of materials to provide the ultimate comfort feeling. The shirts are available in various models. We offer 4 shirts for women and 8 for men. Here you will find pilot uniform shirts and cabin shirts.

 The groundbreaking shirt stands out from the crowd with its unique combination of textiles and materials. It gives you a “peach skin” sensation while maintaining a classic look that exudes professionalism.

Our ready-made airline uniform shirt with a classic fit

Classic fit is the most traditional and old-school shirt fit for airline uniform shirts. Our classic fit is cut to fit the masses. This uniform shirt fit is looser on the body, providing a comfortable and classic look. A classic uniform shirt fit has priority on comfort and functionality rather than style. This airline uniform shirt fit does not slim down from the chest to the waist and provides room of movement and comfort.

If you have an oval body shape or a wider midsection, we recommend you a classic fit when looking for airline uniform shirts.

Our ready-made airline uniform shirt with fashion fit

Our airline uniform shirt with fashion fit is tighter than our classic fit and looser than our slim fit. The cut of our fashion fit uniform shirts is slimmer to the shoulders and a closer fit to the body, but there is still some room at the chest and waist.

Our ready-made airline uniform shirt with a slim fit

Slim fit is exactly what it declares – slim fitting. This airline uniform shirt fit is designed to fit closer to your body shape. This fit is designed for wearers who have a slenderer body shape and do not want to have a shapeless airline uniform shirt.

The cut of our slim fit airline uniform shirt is slimming down for the chest to the midsection and waist. If you have a larger midsection, we recommend you go a size up if you want an airline uniform shirt with a slim fit.

The length is the same on all the styles. All our airline uniform shirts typically keep the same length whether it is classic fit, slim fit or fashion fit. The length depends on the size and not the fit of the airline uniform shirt.

All our airline uniform shirt styles are available with short or long sleeves.

Our wide selection of airline uniform shirts

Our wide selection of airline uniform shirts does not only vary in the fit, but also in colors. The color palette of our ready-made airline uniform shirt is white and light blue. The composition of the airline uniform shirts varies in fabric but is primarily 100 percent cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. Our airline uniform shirts are free form harmful chemicals and substances.

Moreover, our airline uniform shirt is easy to iron and maintain which allowing airline uniform wearers to easily dress in style while travelling around the world.