We have jackets for pilots, cabin crew and ground staff, as well as jackets for professional corporate wear.
Choose from several designs and colors.

Ready-made uniform jackets for pilot, cabin crew and ground staff

To be able to dress a large group of airline staff and provide the best uniform solution for you, we have designed a ready-made airline uniform collection for both men and women. Our ready-made uniform collection is designed to fit all functions and needs in the airline industry so male and female pilots, cabin crew and ground staff will be satisfied wearing our garments.

One of the most popular items in our ready-made airline uniform collection is our airline uniform jackets for men and women. We never compromise on wearing standards, and we make our uniform jackets from high quality fabrics. To get the perfect and comfortable fit we use wool and stretchy materials. Our ready-made airline uniform jackets contain a high percentage of wool because wool makes the airline jacket keep the shape for a long time. We always aim to use wool in many of our airline uniform garments so you and your staff´s airline uniform package will last for years.

A stylish and professional appearance starts with a perfect airline uniform fit

Therefore, we recommend to find the perfect airline uniform jacket fit for both your male and female pilots and cabin crew.

To get a professional look first start at the top – the airline jackets. A common airline uniform combo for both men and women is the combination of a uniform jacket (blazer) and an airline uniform shirt mixed with uniform pants. This combination makes a very stylish and professional look and this look fits most of the functions in the airline industry: pilots, cabin crew and ground staff.

But if the airline uniform jacket does not fit correctly the stylish and professional appearance disappear.

Avoid shoulder divot on your airline uniform jacket  

When trying on an airline uniform jacket, the first thing you should look at is the shoulder. The perfect uniform jacket fit gives you a sharp and squared shoulder. Here, the armhole of the airline uniform jacket is the key element. If the armhole of a jacket does not match up in shape of the wearer’s shoulder and arms the fit is off. When the shoulders/armholes of a uniform jacket are too tight, you get a divot on the jacket arm just underneath the shoulder. When the jackets shoulder and arm are too wide you end up with shoulder sag – meaning the sleeves get saggy under the shoulder.

Put on the airline uniform jacket and stand with your arms down the side. When having the arms straight down the uniform jacket’s sleeves should be smooth. Any divot or saggy sleeves - the fit is off.

Moreover, the uniform jacket should not restrict your movement when wearing the airline jacket. The airline uniform jacket should follow the shape of your arm and not pull the shirt underneath. The airline uniform jacket is too tight if a X is formed around the button when the uniform jacket is closed. If so, you risk the button will "pop" or pull too aggressively in the fabric.

Furthermore, the chest of a uniform jacket should always follow the shape of the wearer's chest. A gaping jacket chest is not a good look and usually happens when the uniform jacket is too big.

You also need to be aware of a collar gap. Meaning a space between the collar of your airline uniform jacket and the collar of your uniform shirt. Your airline uniform jacket collar should always lay clean and tight against the back of your neck, also when wearing a uniform shirt underneath. There should even be room enough for an airline uniform waistcoat if needed. The uniform jacket´s neck needs to follow the line of your shirt collar around your neck. If the jacket doesn’t follow, you get a gap, and the fit is off. Go for another size.

For pilots we also provide the possibility of adding an individual touch to your airline pilot jacket – by selecting gold or silver stripes to show you rang as well as gold or silver buttons to match the stripes.

Our ready-made airline uniform jackets for men and women are single-breasted and have a chic and stylish look with for a professional appearance.

Our Geneva uniform jacket is our model for female pilots, cabin crew members and ground staff. This airline uniform jacket model has a feminine silhouette, one chest pocket, two front pockets and two buttons for a traditional and professional look.

For male pilots, cabin crew and ground staff, we have our Copenhagen airline uniform jacket. This model is also a very stylish and has a fitted cut. Our Copenhagen airline uniform jacket features side vents, a chest pocket, two lower pockets and two buttons for a modern look.  

Our ready-made airline uniform jacket collection is available for men and women in the following colors: black, navy and dark grey.

For a customized look you can easily adding details to your jacket to match your company brand and identity.
Try for example adding scarves, hats or gloves for a unique look and to stand out.

If you would like your pilots, cabin crew or ground staff to stand out in an additional color, please contact us at olino@olino.dk to learn more about our customized airline uniform solutions. 

Collar on jacket