Ready-made flight jackets for all staff

Our ready-made flight jackets for men and women are available in various designs, sizes and colours to fit all members of staff.

Achieve a professional look with our ready-made flight jackets

Flight jackets are an integral part of your airline uniform, symbolising professionalism and expertise. These jackets not only serve as practical outerwear for pilots, cabin crew and ground staff but also serve as a visual identifier, instantly showcasing your airline’s brand identity and distinguishing crew members. As such, passengers can also quickly recognise and seek assistance from crew members when in need.

At Olino, we offer a wide range of ready-made options to cater to the diverse needs of airline professionals. Our collection includes flight jackets for pilots, cabin crew and ground staff, ensuring that everyone can find a perfect fit and style. We also offer uniform jackets for professional corporate wear, ideal for those working in airline offices or other associated businesses.

Ready-made staff and pilot jackets in premier style and fit

A flight jacket should both look and feel good, with no exception. At Olino, we understand what performing your duties to the highest grade each day on duty requires from your uniform. That's why our flight jackets are built to withstand the demands of the job, delivering reliable durability and functionality. Our jackets are designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a comfortable fit and a long lifespan of the uniform. We use only high-quality fabrics, including wool and stretchy materials, to achieve the perfect fit and shape retention.

Our ready-made flight jacket solution is available for your convenience. Pilots and airline crew can easily order their flight jackets individually, providing convenience and autonomy. Alternatively, airlines can effortlessly place larger orders on behalf of their staff, streamlining the uniform acquisition process.

Copenhagen flight jacket collection for men

Introducing our Copenhagen flight jacket collection for men, designed with style, durability and a perfect fit in mind. Our ready-made flight jackets for men feature a sleek and fitted cut, making them both fashionable and professional. The designs include side vents, a chest pocket and two lower pockets, all accented with two buttons for a modern touch. These features not only add to the overall aesthetic but also provide practicality and functionality to suit the requirements of your job.

Crafted from a premium blend of 43% wool, 55% polyester and 2% elastane, our Copenhagen flight jackets offer the perfect combination of comfort and durability. The wool provides warmth and breathability while also helping keep the jacket’s shape for a long time. Polyester ensures longevity, and the elastane allows for a stretchier fit to support unhindered movement.

Our Copenhagen flight jackets are available in classic black, navy and dark grey. These colours are widely recognised and commonly used in the aviation industry, making the jackets suitable for all kinds of pilots, cabin crew and ground staff.

Geneva flight jacket collection for women

Our ready-made Geneva flight jacket collection for women is designed with chic and stylish features to create a professional appearance that feels up-to-date. These single-breasted jackets are tailored to have a feminine silhouette, ensuring a flattering fit for all body types.

The Geneva flight jacket collection includes one chest pocket and two front pockets, providing ample storage space for essential items. With two buttons on the front, these jackets offer a traditional and professional look that is widely recognised in the aviation industry.

Made from the same high-quality fabric blend as our Copenhagen flight jacket collection for men, our Geneva flight jackets for women ensure durability, comfort and a stretchy fit that allows for easy movement. Furthermore, our Geneva flight jacket collection includes black, navy and dark grey colour options for an elegant and professional appearance.

Achieve the perfect crew or pilot jacket fit

Achieving the perfect fit for your corporate staff, airline crew or pilot jacket is essential for maintaining a professional appearance. A well-fitting uniform jacket highly defines the overall impression of your attire, so make sure you know what you should look for and avoid.

By following the guidelines below, you can ensure a flawless and comfortable fit for your crew or pilot jacket, contributing to an overall professional and stylish uniform appearance.

Shoulder fit

One of the first things to consider when trying on an airline uniform jacket is the shoulder fit. The armhole of the jacket should align with the shape of your shoulders and arms, creating a sharp and squared shoulder. If the armhole is too tight, you may notice a divot on the jacket arm just below the shoulder. On the other hand, if the shoulders and armholes are too wide, the sleeves may appear saggy under the shoulder. To ensure a proper fit, stand with your arms down and check that the sleeves of the jacket are smooth without any divots or sagging.

It is important to ensure that the jacket allows for comfortable movement. The jacket should follow the natural shape of your arm without pulling or restricting the shirt underneath.

Chest fit

The chest of the jacket should also conform to the shape of your chest, avoiding any gaping or excess fabric. A well-fitting jacket should lay clean and snug against your back, even when wearing a shirt underneath. If you notice an "X" formation around the button when the jacket is closed, it is too tight and may risk popping or pulling at the fabric.

Collar fit

You should also be mindful of a collar gap, which refers to the space between the jacket collar and the collar of your shirt. The jacket collar should fit neatly around your neck, following the line of your shirt collar. If there is a gap, the fit is off, and you should consider trying a different size.

Customise your flight jacket

At Olino, you can personalise your ready-made flight jacket with various customisation options and complementary accessories, allowing you to add individualised details that align with your airline’s brand identity and dress code. For pilots, we provide the possibility of adding an individual touch to your airline pilot jacket by adding gold or silver stripes to show your rank, as well as gold or silver buttons to match the stripes for a coherent appearance. Stand out by adding unique details that align with your company's brand and identity, ensuring a uniform presentation that resonates with professionalism.

Should you desire a fully customised flight jacket or wish to stand out in a colour not currently standard in our ready-made collection, reach out to us at olino@olino.dk. We offer bespoke uniform solutions tailored to your brand’s specific demands and required level of customisation.

Complete uniform solutions for airlines

At Olino, we offer complete uniform solutions for airlines, providing you with the option to effortlessly complete your airline uniform look. Our range of ready-made uniforms includes airline shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, knitwear, waist coasts and various accessories that perfectly complement your flight jacket.

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