Global supplier of high-quality ready-to-wear uniforms with custom options.

Ready-made uniforms
- a complete uniform package 

We provide a range of uniforms, corporate clothing and accessories from stock. Our ready-made garments are updated regularly based on customer feedback. The result is tried and tested uniforms and corporate clothing of a high quality, with perfect fits and in stylish designs.

Our stock program offers a contemporary look and style, it reduces your stock risk significantly and simplifies your supply management. Our ready-to-wear uniforms are both safe and reliable and cover most needs for uniform garments and accessories for frontline staff.

The stock program sums up our long experience with high-quality uniforms and corporate wear and guarantees pleased uniform wearers.


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Olino Uniform Collection - Catalog 2023

Wide variety of
quality garments

The fabrics and workmanship are first class. Based on our accumulated experience from supplying uniforms to major airlines and large organizations around the world, we will successfully develop your new uniform solution.

The products in our stock program live up to every requirement for stylish, long-lasting and comfortable ready-made uniforms. Most of the fabrics used in the standard collection are OEKO-TEX® certified. This means that the garments are free from harmful substances.

Our program consists of uniform garments in the most widely used colors, black, charcoal and navy, for both men and women. Shirts in both male and female styles come in white and light blue and in different fabric blends to suit your needs. We cater to all of your employees offering a wide size range – meaning we can dress all of your staff members. To ensure the perfect fit, all of our garments are prepared for alterations.

Stock program

Ready-made cabin crew uniform

Ready-to-wear uniforms
with custom options

Within our stock program, you have several options of customization. Many will-known brands use our ready-made uniforms as the backbone of their uniform program combined with customized features.

They add bespoke and eye-catching items of their own to our stock program garment to create a look of their own. You can add buttons with company logo, scarves in your corporate colors, ties or shirts. According to your airline or company color scheme, we can add several custom solutions.

This combination offers the best of two worlds: low risk and a personalized look.

For aviation, maritime and transportation businesses, we offer ranking stripes in both gold and silver braids. You can easily personalize all of our ready-to-wear uniforms as they are prepared for alterations. This gives you a perfect and professional fit on all of your staff members. 

Ready-to-wear uniform with custom options