Ready-made uniforms

For aviation, transport, retail,
banking and hospitality

Global supplier of high-quality ready-to-wear uniforms with custom options. 

Ready-made uniform clothing catalog

Ready-made uniforms
a complete uniform package 

We provide a range of uniforms, corporate clothing and accessories from stock. The product offering covers most needs for uniform garments and accessories for frontline staff.

Our stock program offers a contemporary look and style, with fits, details and styles carefully selected – and updated on a regular basis. The result is tried and tested uniforms based on direct customer feedback in regards to quality, fits and design.   

By incorporating our ready-made uniform products, you reduce your stock risk significantly and simplify your supply management.

We are delighted to offer this stock program to our clients as it sums up our long experience with high-quality uniforms and corporate clothing. Above all, our ready-to-wear uniforms are a safe and reliable option that will please your uniform users.  

Wide variety of

quality garments 

The fabrics and workmanship are first class and based on our accumulated experience from supplying uniforms to major airlines around the world, as well as large organizations. The program lives up to the requirements for stylish, long lasting and comfortable ready-made uniforms.

Generally, fabrics are Oekotex certified, which is your guarantee for no harmful substances in the garments.  

The most widely used colors are available in female and male styles, with suiting garments in navy, charcoal and black along with white and light blue shirts. To dress large groups of staff, a wide size range is available. 

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Ready-to-wear uniforms

with custom options

Although we refer to our stock program as ready-made uniforms, you have options of customizing in several ways. Several well-known brands use our stock program items as the backbone of their uniform program.

They add a custom touch with a few eye-catching items of their own, such as buttons, scarves, ties or shirts. This combination offers the best of both worlds; low risk but a look which is your own. Buttons may be changed to fit your color scheme or we may add your logo buttons.

For air, sea and transport, we offer ranking stripes from a wide choice of gold and silver braids. All our ready-to-wear uniforms can also be personalized, as they are prepared for easy alteration for a perfect and professional fit on all staff. 

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