The outerwear in our assortment for both men and women feature a stylish, timeless look with a few carefully chosen details.

Group identity and culture is a very important part of any airline company. Working with travelers, day in and day out, pilots, cabin crew, and ground staff are det face of the airline. The pilots, cabin crew and ground staff are the ambassadors of the airline and its culture. Once onboard the aircrafts, travelers experience a unique “feeling” of the airline through the service and the way the pilots and cabin crew are welcoming the travelers into the aircraft.
The airline uniform need to reflect the airline identity and culture as well as looking professional at all times.
A recognizable and stylish uniform is essential part of that.

Developing our outerwear, we had to have in mind that our ready-made outerwear airline uniform collection needed to match the requirements of the aviation industry as well as airlines. Therefore, we have designed our ready-made outerwear collection in a simple color palette grounded in navy and black suitable for pilots, cabin crew and ground staff.

Take your airline uniform package to a new height with our outerwear

Our ready-made collection for men and women includes outerwear matching your needs.

Our ready-made outerwear airline uniforms coats are very practical and yet stylish for both male and female pilots, cabin crew and ground staff. We have developed an outerwear airline uniform collection that is comfortable to wear but also suitable for changing weather conditions.  

Our ready-made uniform outerwear collection includes many different styles for both men and women.
Our styles come with a fashion fit for women and classic- or fashion fit for men.

Our airline uniform outerwear styles for women

Explore our outerwear airline uniform coat collection for women. Our high-quality ready-made outerwear collection will complete your airline uniform package. Designed with style, movement and unpredictable weather in mind.

For fall, spring and cold summer days we recommend our classic and elegant navy Aberdeen Trench Coat. Wear the Trench coat when standing at the top or the bottom of the stairs while boarding and welcome the travelers.

Our Kiruna coat can also be used as a fall, spring or summer coat. The Kiruna airline uniform coat comes with a removable lining making it suitable most of the year. Our Kiruna coat is a classic trench coat ideal for using when travelling between different climates.

Our navy and black water- and windproof Tech coats also feature a detachable lining. The practical and modern Tech coat is essential for cabin crew and ground staff working in changing weather conditions. If a warm coat is needed, we have an extra warm inner jacket with heavy-duty 3M Thinsulate® padding. The lining is easy zipped into the Tech Coat.

For warmer climates we recommend our lightweight functional water- and windproof business coat Lisburn that will keep you dry on rainy days.

For cold winter weather our Gotland airline uniform coat is a very popular choice. A favorite among female cabin crew and ground staff as the coat is very elegant and chic. Made from 100 % wool.

For cold weather we recommend you to add our very soft Malmø shawl made from 100% premium wool (click here to see the shawl) and our warm leather gloves Istanbul (click here to see more). Adding these to your airline uniform package you will be sure to keep warm doing cold days.

Our airline uniform outerwear styles for men

Discover our exclusive styles for men from our ready-made outerwear collection. Our ready-made uniform coats include different styles to match every season.

Our Hamilton Trench coat is a classic and stylish Trench coat for male pilots, cabin crew and ground staff. Perfect for cold summer days, spring and fall. The elegant airline uniform coat will make you look sophisticated and professional.

Another classic and elegant coat is our Stockholm coat. Our Stockholm uniform coat comes with removable lining giving you the possibility to change the coat according to the climate.

For cold and wet weather we recommend our navy and black Tech coats. Our water- and windproof Tech coat is a stylish Tech coat with a fashion fit. The Tech coat is designed with a warm removable lining making the uniform Tech usable for most of the year and for different climates. For extra cold climate we have a warm inner jacket with heavy-duty 3M Thinsulate® padding. The lining is designed to be zipped into the Tech Coat.

If you are in a need for lightweight functional water- and windproof business coat - take a look at our Belfast business coat. Our ready-made uniform business coat has a water repellent finish and will keep you dry on rainy days.

Our last style for men is our Espoo coat. Our Espoo coat is an elegant and timeless uniform coat made of 100 % wool which make it soft and very warm. Perfect for cold winter days.   

Sometimes a warm coat is not enough for cold days. Add our warm Minsk leather gloves (see more here) and our Cardiff scarf (to see the scarf click here) to your uniform solution and be ready for the winter.

The fabric of our ready-made outerwear  

Our outerwear for the aviation industry is made of a wide variety of quality fabric as the airline uniform coats need to be adaptable all kinds of weather.

Our ready-made outerwear collection is made of carefully chosen fabrics as they are very resistant for changing weather conditions.

Our ready-made airline uniform outerwear collection meets every requirement for a comfortable, long-lasting and stylish coat.

Care instruction for our ready-made airline uniform outwear

Most of our airline uniform outerwear coats are not suitable for machine wash or tumble drying. Therefore, we always recommend to check the care label.

Our ready-made airline uniform Tech coats are suitable for machine washing at 30 degrees and our business coat at 40 degrees.