For airlines and associated businesses worldwide

Global supplier of airline uniform solutions

We assist leading airlines and organisations worldwide in every step of the process to ensure a stellar appearance for the staff, including flight crew, cabin crew, ground staff, pilot students and other frontline staff members.

Our complete uniform solutions comprise everything from design to development, planning, and launch of the garments and various accessories required to achieve a complete uniform look. Choose from a complete stock range of premium uniform garments and accessories or let us help you create an entirely unique look for your business.

Uniform solutions designed to meet your unique needs

We create our solutions in close collaboration with your airline or associated business. We make sure that the uniform matches the colour scheme, brand guidelines and key requirements of your company brand. Whether you need a 100% bespoke uniform solution or want to add custom elements to our ready-made uniforms, we go to great lengths to meet your unique uniform demands.

Professional uniform service from A to Z

You can benefit from our comprehensive uniform expertise, from initial thought to creating design visuals, identifying the right fabrics and creating a prototype. Our uniform specialists are ready to meet you wherever you are in the world and provide you with superior uniform solutions tailored to your brand and individual staff requirements. We conduct on-site fitting sessions and perform individual alterations to ensure a perfect fit and professional appearance for all wearers of our uniform solutions.

After implementation and delivery, we assist clients with forecasting and managing the supply chain. Add-on features include access to our corporate webshop which help you further simplify the uniform ordering process  — We call it complete uniform solutions from A to Z.

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A strong commitment to stellar quality in every detail

A first-class uniform look requires a first-class design crafted from high-quality materials that are flexible, comfortable and durable. And that’s exactly what we are about at Olino. No matter the type of uniform apparel or fabric, every little detail in the design is the result of carefully chosen features and material constructions to ensure optimal performance, no matter how long you wear your uniform.

Responsibly created solutions

We are fully aware of many airlines’ continued mission to reduce their global carbon footprint, and it is something that is also a central part of the Olino DNA. To contribute to this ever-important mission, we continuously aim to improve our uniform solutions and reduce the amount of resources required to produce and source the uniform garments — Because even the slightest improvements can potentially make all the difference in the world.

Our initiatives are several, from our special full-loop uniform solution and a reliance on responsible fabrics to reducing the amount of packaging materials used as well as the small everyday efforts we do among our own employees.