Ready-made men’s flight jackets

Our ready-made men’s flight jackets are tried and tested by users and are available in navy, black and dark grey to fit your demands for a professional uniform look. Choose from a wide range of sizes to dress all staff members. All our ready-to-wear airline jackets can be customised with buttons and stripes to fit your unique role. Discover our uniform and flying jackets for men right below. You can easily purchase a ready-made men’s flight jacket for yourself or on behalf of your staff online.

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Our ready-made airline uniform jacket collection for men

We have tested our airline uniform collection by wearers to design an airline uniform collection fitting almost all functions in the aviation industry and living up to the personnel’s special needs and requirements. One of the most popular garments from our ready-made airline uniform collection is our airline flight jacket for men, which is suitable for pilots, cabin crew, and ground staff. Many well-known airlines also use our ready-made airline uniform pilot jacket as the backbone of their uniform package.

Create a defining uniform look with men’s flight jackets

When looking into airline uniform solutions for male personnel, a defining piece of the uniform is the men’s flight jacket. An often-used combo in the aviation industry is the combination of a uniform jacket, a uniform shirt and a pair of airline uniform pants. This combination is very suitable for pilots, cabin crew and ground staff as it makes them instantly recognisable at the airport and on the aircraft.

The Copenhagen airline jacket for men

Our ready-made Copenhagen airline jacket for men is single-breasted and has a slightly tapered fitted silhouette for a clean and professional look. The design is available in navy, black, and dark grey. These colours are the most common colours for airline uniforms in the aviation industry, making the men’s flight jackets very suitable for pilots, cabin crew and ground staff.

The men’s flight jacket is suitable for most body types and is designed with vertical seams in the front and the back, making the airline jacket follow the body shape without being slim fit.


To achieve a traditional look, our ready-made Copenhagen airline jacket for men has two elegant buttons on the front, one chest pocket on the left side (used by pilots for their wings) and two front pockets. Moreover, the airline jacket for men is lined inside and has vents at the sides, which offers room for movement.

Choose a men’s flight jacket in your size

The men’s flight jacket is available in the following styles: short, regular and long. The centre back length of our styles is as follows:

Short model has a centre back length of 72,5 cm - size 48/M
Regular model has a centre back length of 75,5 cm - size 48/M
Long model has a centre back length of 78,5 cm - size 48/M

Customisable airline jackets for male pilots

For male pilots, we can customise our airline jacket by adding stripes that showcase your rank in a stylish and professional way. By adding gold or silver stripes on the sleeves and buttons in a matching colour, your ready-made men’s flight jacket can easily become a pilot jacket.

Do you prefer a fully customised men’s flight jacket tailored uniquely to your airline? At Olino, we also specialise in bespoke uniform solutions for all airline personnel and associated businesses.

Men’s flight jackets in high-quality materials

We have selected the combination of the fabric to our ready-made airline uniform collection very carefully as we wanted it to be suitable for multiple functions in the aviation industry. Our airline jacket for men is made from 43% wool, 55% polyester and 2 % elastane. It has been crafted from premium wool and blended with polyester for durability, as well as elastane to provide a more stretchable fit. The possibility of movement makes the airline uniform jacket very comfortable to wear and will help it last for a long time, proving a great investment for you or your airline staff in general.

How to maintain your Olino airline jacket for men

As with many of our airline uniform garments, our airline jacket for men contains a high percentage of wool. We have chosen to use wool as it keeps the shape for a long time when you handle it with care.

Because of the fabric construction, the airline jacket for men is not suitable for machine wash – only dry cleaning. But dry clean it with care. To maintain the life of the airline uniform jacket as long as possible, we recommend you dry clean the flying jacket only when strictly necessary. Do not tumble dry or bleach the airline uniform jacket, as this can damage the shape and the colour. If you need to iron the jacket, use an iron clot to avoid marks and the wool setting on the iron.

To maintain the shape, we recommend you always hang your jacket on a broad hanger. Furthermore, avoid hanging the flight jacket for men in direct sunlight as this also can damage the colour of the jacket.

By following the above-mentioned standards, your airline jacket for men will look fresh for a very long time.

Find your ideal men’s flight jacket fit

We recommend you read our section about airline uniform fitting when looking for a men’s flight jacket. Here, we will guide you in finding the perfect fit for your airline jacket for men and how to avoid shoulder divots and collar gaps. The uniform jacket needs to fit you perfectly. Otherwise, the stylish and professional appearance of your airline uniform will lose its effect.

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