Here we have womens uniform shirts made specifically for corporate wear and airline uniforms.
The shirts are available in different colors and designs.

StyleAdelaide S/S + L/S 
Premium Cotton
Anaheim S/S + L/S
4-Way stretch
Torino S/S + L/S
Cotton Blend 
Austin S/S + L/S
4-Way stretch
Lyon S/S + L/S
Cotton Blend
Budapest S/S + L/S
Heavy Weight Quality
FitFashion FitFashion FitFashion FitFashion FitFashion FitFashion Fit
Size Range32-4832-4830-5232-4832-4834-54
ColorWhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite + Light blue
Composition100% Cotton Twill

46% Modal
30% Loycell
17% Polyester
7% Spandex

65% Polyester
35% Cotton

46% Modal
30% Loycell
17% Polyester
7% Spandex

55% Cotton
45% Polyester
60% Cotton
40% Polyester

Ready-made airline uniform shirts for women

Our wide selection of airline uniform shirts addresses female pilots, cabin crew and ground staff. To be true to the contemporary trends we regularly update our design of our airline uniform shirts. The fit of our airline uniform shirts varies but all the fits have a chic and professional style.

All our airline uniform shirts for women are available with short and long sleeves. Giving you the possibility to have an airline uniform wardrobe suitable both cold and warm weather.

All our airline uniform shirts are suitable for ironing and easy to maintain.

The different styles of our airline uniform shirts for women

All our airline uniform shirts for women have a fashion fit. Our fashion fit lays between our classic fit and slim fit. Our classic fit is looser on the body and do not slim down from the chest to the waist where our airline uniform shirt in a slim fit is designed to fit close to your body shape.

Our fashion fit for women is a perfect fit with room for the chest but still not big on the waist/midsection. 

Our airline uniform shirt collection styles:

Our airline uniform shirts - Austin

Our latest addition to our product portfolio is our 4-way stretch shirts. We are introducing four new models for women. The Austin pilot shirt comes with both long and short sleeves in an elegant white color.

The cutting-edge 4 – way stretch shirt stands out from the crowd with its unique combination of textiles and materials. It gives you a peach skin sensation while maintaining a classic look that exudes professionalism.

The shirt has several benefits that makes the 4 - way stretch shirt outstanding, and different from our other models.

  • Anti – shrinkage
  • Very breathable
  • Quick dry
  • Winkle free
  • Keeping its shape
  • Peach skin feeling

This shirt provides extreme comfort and numerous advantages for professional uniform wearers.

Our uniform shirt – Anaheim

Our brand-new Anaheim uniform shirt adds a professional and elegant touch to your corporate wardrobe.

This shirt is part of the new 4 – way stretch shirt collection.

The shirts are very easy to maintain. They are easy to wash and iron effortlessly. Due to the material composition of the shirts, they have the fantastic effect of adapting to the body temperature. With a focus on presentable quality, the material is extremely soft, offering a special sensation that envelops the body with luxurious lightness.

The so-called 'peach skin' finish adds an extra dimension of softness, making it comfortable to wear directly against the skin.

Another advantage of this material is that it is not transparent, providing an additional sense of security and comfort.

  • Cooling effect
  • Keeping its shape
  • Breathable
  • Wrinkle free
  • Anti-shrinkage
  • Elegant white color.

If you are looking for a professional looking uniform shirt that takes comfort to the next level, the Anaheim 4 – way stretch shirt, is an excellent choice for your uniform wardrobe.

Our airline uniform shirts – Torino

Our white airline uniform Torino shirt adds a clean, stylish touch to your airline uniform wardrobe.

  • The Torino shirts comes with long or short sleeves.
  • The Torino shirt is designed with a V-neck.  
  • The Torino shirts is figure shaping to fit the female figure – both in front and the back.
  • The V-neck allows for flattering neck dressing such as a scarf.
  • Torino offers a stylish and clean uniform look.

Our Torino airline uniform shirts are a great choice for cabin crew or ground staff as the shirt has a professional appearance and ensure you a comfortable fit every day. The Torino airline uniform shirt is a mush-have – both with long and short sleeves.

Our airline uniform shirt Adelaide 

Our uniform shirt Adelaide with comes with both short sleeves and long-sleeves. The Adelaide shirt is made of 100 percent cotton which makes it soft, comfortable, and breathable.  

  • Stylish look and comes in a fashionable fit – very popular.
  • In a white color made from cotton fabrics.
  • Made of comfortable, soft and breathable fabric
  • 100% cotton twill fabric - natural stretch

The Adelaide shirt is one of our most popular airline uniform shirts. Both the long -and short sleeved model are a perfect fit for your airline uniform package.

Suit up with our white Premium airline uniform shirt Adelaide made for and by uniform wearers such as cabin crew and ground staff. The white uniform shirt is made of 100% cotton twill, which makes it comfortable, soft and breathable.

The 100% cotton twill will ensure you that the airline uniform shirt is comfortable to wear under your airline uniform jacket or airline uniform sweater. Mix the airline uniform shirt with our airline uniform pants to look stylish and professional and make a good impression for the travelers.

Our airline uniform shirt Budapest

Our Budapest pilot shirt is inspired by traditional aviation fashion. The uniform shirt is a reliable option for pilots that value quality and style. The airline shirt is very comfortable and has optimal movement.  

  • Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester which makes the shirt soft and comfortable
  • Comes with long and short sleeves
  • Available in white and light blue

The Budapest pilot shirt is crafted from slightly heavier fabrics than a traditional airline uniform shirt which provide you with a uniform shirt that offers high durability and a comfortable wear. The design of the Budapest shirts is based on feedback from uniform wearers.

You can wear the Budapest pilot shirts with or without a jacket or sweater and still look stylish and professional because of the heavier fabric. The Budapest pilot shirt is also used by security, police and armed forces around the world.

Our airline uniform shirt – Lyon

Our Lyon pilot shirt is specially designed to meet the needs of a female pilot. Our stylish Lyon pilot shirt is very popular because of the feminine fit. Moreover, it comes with two chest front pockets and shoulder straps ready for attaching ranking stripes to completing the pilot uniform. Available in white to match the rest of your airline uniform package.

  • Incisions on the back gives the airline uniform shirt a feminine fit
  • Available in long and short sleeves
  • Shoulder straps for stripes

Our Lyon pilot shirt is made for pilots who want a soft and comfortable shirt with a Fashion fit for a stylish and professional uniform appearance.

Although we have multiple fits for our airline uniform shirts the length remains the same. The length on our airline uniform shirts differs when it comes to size and not the fit.