Pharmacy workwear

Workwear designed for and worn by frontline staff.

Customized workwear for the pharmacy industry

Design and development
of pharmacy workwear

The largest pharmacy chain in Denmark, A-apoteket, turned to Olino for the development of a new range of workwear. They needed a new collection of garments for the front line staff at their 120 pharmacies and pharmacy outlets.

A-apoteket wished to improve the appearance of its staff members ensuring an appropriate attire for health care professionals.

We created a collection of workwear with a clean and timeless look consisting of traditional black and white elements. The coats, ensuring a professional appearance, have a flattering cut with a few subtle details such as the metal buttons.

Workwear uniforms with t-shirts with logo

Workwear for 
A-apoteket pharmacies

Besides the improved range of workwear for the front line staff, the A-apoteket chain also benefits from Olino’s personal service. We provide service for each individual pharmacy and make sure that all workwear items are available for immediate delivery. 

A-apoteket pharmacies have the opportunity of placing orders via the company’s personalized corporate webshop, and we ship deliveries to each pharmacy as required.

Basic items
refreshed regularly

To keep the collection attractive and up-to-date, we continuously launch new products for spring and summer seasons. We develop new styles based on the wishes of the A-apoteket management and wearer representatives.

In addition to the seasonal items, the collection also consists of basic items available all year. A-apoteket's basic workwear items include white coats, trousers, skirts, shirts, T-shirts and blouses, waistcoats, ties and scarfs.

A continuous and regular update of the garments ensure a fresh look for the frontline staff at the A-apoteket pharmacies. 

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