Uniform matching the company
visual identity.

Full-service uniform solution for staff members.

Recognizable uniforms with customized accessories

The Norwegian train company Go-Ahead is a part of Go-Ahead Nordic. They drove their first train in December 2019 as the new travel provider on the Norwegian market.

They operate trains from Oslo in the east to Stavanger in the west.

Before they launched their first train ride in 2019, they came to Olino to get inspiration for developing their new corporate uniform.

The uniform should match the company visual identity, so the passenger was able to recognize the Go-Ahead employees when traveling. At the same time the uniform had to be functional and comfortable to wear.

The uniform was designed with Olino ready-made garments as jackets, trousers, shirts, waist coats and skirts mixed with new customized scarfs, ties, T-shirts, tittle tags etc. visualizing the Go-Ahead company colors.

Recognizable uniforms for Go-Ahead

Complete individual uniform service and order solution

Olino conducted personal fittings of more than 200 employees at Go-Ahead in Norway, to ensure an optimal uniform fit.

Besides managing manufacturing, alterations and quality control of the garments, Olino also takes care of every step of the shipment.

We deliver individual employee uniform packages to different pick-up locations in Norway.

Corporate wear webshop

After launching the Go-Ahead uniform, we developed a corporate wear webshop for all the Go-Ahead uniform wearers.

This solution minimizes the administration for Go-Ahead. The single employee can supplement uniform garments from the webshop. Twice a year the uniform wearer get access to order from the agreed and updated Go-Ahead assortment in the webshop.

Individual uniform solution for Go-Ahead

Updating the Uniform program

We continuously update the uniform with feedback from Go-Ahead.

New developed garments are added, and others are updated ensuring the corporate uniform being practical with a contemporary and stylish look.

Images kindly provided by Go-Ahead.

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