Uniforms for cabin crew and ground staff

Airline uniforms with a stylish look

Atlantic Airways is an international airline in the Faroe Islands. They operate scheduled flights between the Faroe Islands and various cities in Denmark and to neighboring countries Scotland, Iceland and Norway + several different SUN destinations in the summer.

For more than 10 years the cabin crew and ground staff at Atlantic Airways has been wearing airline uniforms from Olino.

The female cabin crew and ground staff uniforms at Atlantic Airways consist of navy and white uniform garments with customized accessories that underline the visual identity of Atlantic Airways.

During the years the uniforms has been updated continuously with new developed garments, to keep a contemporary and stylish airline look.

With the dress and the jacket, we all look very alike. We get a lot of positive reactions at just that point.
Otherwise, I think our uniform is elegant & classic. When the new coats arrive and the hats are taken into use, then it becomes something completely different, then it comes up to a higher level”

Sára Simonsen
Deputy Chief Cabin Crew / Cabin Safety Officer
Atlantic Airways Pf.

Cabin crew jacket for Atlantic Airways

Airline uniform with incorporated logo

To give the uniform for Atlantic Airways a visual identity, the bird from the Atlantic Airways logo have been incorporated on the accessories.

The northern gannet (Morus bassanus) is a seabird, the largest species of the gannet family and is seen as the king of the Faroese birds, due to its size and its wild dive into the sea for small fish and squid.

The bird is woven into the tie, embroidered on the cabin crew hat, engraced on the buttons, made as a pin for the jacket and placed on the nametags and wings.

Airline uniform accessories with incorporated logo for Atlantic Airways

Local design of the Atlantic Airways
dress and jacket.

The design of the dress and jacket is classic with straps details on the shoulders, where the scarf can be attached. The dress has slids on the sleeves where the red fabric gives a nice little detail effect.

The creation of the design of the dress and jacket is made by the Faroese designer Elsa Bech. She is known for her Faroese Fashion Brand, which is feminine with a raw twist. The design is powerful, feminine, elegant and full of structures, inspired by the Faroese nature.

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Cabin crew dress and jacket for Atlantic Airways