Uniforms for pilots and cabin crew

Relaunch of the company brand called for a new, stylish uniform solution.

Brand new custom uniforms
for Jazeera Airways

Jazeera Airways, the first privately owned airline carrier in the Middle East, planned to relaunch their brand and visual identity. To highlight the change, Jazeera Airways wished to introduce a new uniform solution.

Jazeera Airways provided our uniform specialists with design sketches. The drawings came to life through unique custom uniforms and accessories. The chosen colors, fits, look and feel underlined the new company identity.

We introduced the stylish and functional uniform solution in 2017, that features several distinctive looks to fit Jazeera Airways’ identity. Pilots and cabin crew members wear their new uniform with pride when they jet off to destinations across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 

Custom uniforms for Jazeera Airways

A perfect fit
with personal alterations

Tens of thousands of passengers jet off with Jazeera Airways every year.

Pilots and cabin crew members therefore need a professional and fashionable appearance while catering to passenger needs.

Our team of uniform experts travelled to Kuwait to perform fittings on 300 pilots, cabin crew and ground staff members.

Our in-house tailors altered the garments to ensure a perfect fit on all staff members of Jazeera Airways. 

A perfect uniform fit with personal alterations - Jazeera Airways

Custom uniforms with
unique features

The new uniforms consist of a wide range of customized items. This creates a look that employees will wear with pride, and it lives up to the wishes of Jazeera Airways. The complete uniform solution consists of nearly 30 different items, ranging from pilot jackets to cabin crew hats, knitwear and coats.

Several uniform items feature distinctive details unique for Jazeera Airways, including logo buttons and patterns on cabin crew dresses. All incorporated details and features match the company colors to ensure a coherent appearance across passenger touchpoints.

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Custom uniforms with unique features for Jazeera Airways