Pilot uniforms

A standard uniform solution with customized features.


 Reliable pilot uniform solution

Titan Airways have been flying passengers around the world for more than 30 years and is one of Europe’s leading charter airlines.

The pilots from Titan Airways are often away for weeks, and they need a uniform solution with contemporary and comfortable high quality garments.

The pilots tried and tested our dark grey collection and premium pilot shirts from our stock program.

They were very pleased with the garments, as they are suitable for long flights because of the comfortable fit and quality.

“The pilot shirts are really soft and nice to wear”
Steve Mutch, Captain at Titan Airways

Reliable pilot uniform solution for Titan Airways

Standard uniforms with custom options

Our stock program have several options of customization. It is easily to incorporate brand identity and customized features. For Titan Airways we added gunmetal buttons and silver stripes to the sleeves of the pilot jackets.

The pilot uniforms are easily personalized, as they are prepared for alterations. This gives the pilots a perfect and professional fit. The composition of the uniform for Titan Airways pilots consists of garments from our standard program added some customized products:

  • Uniform jacket with silver stripes
  • Uniform trousers
  • Premium pilot shirts with long and short sleeves
  • Slim fit pullover
  • Tech coat
  • Leather belt with a buckle in a stylish brushed silver look
  • Epaulettes
  • Zipper tie
  • Clip on tie
  • Customized pilot wings

Standard uniforms with custom options for Titan Airways

Customized Titan Airways Pilot wings

For the pilot uniform Titan Airways wanted pilot wings, that matches their brand colors and airplanes.

With inspiration from the colors of the Titan Airways aircrafts, we designed pilot wings in the color gunmetal grey with a black emblem showing white stars together with orange and grey stripes.

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Pilot wings for Titan Airways