With the spirit of Iceland in mind, the unform is shaped for the crew by the crew - designed for the future.


Uniforms for Icelandair

Icelandair offers flights to more than 50 destinations in Europe, North America, Greenland, and Iceland.

Icelandair is the country's national carrier and specializes in attractive options for transatlantic flights The company operates out of Iceland and leverages the country's geographical location – midway between North America and Europe – to build an ever-expanding network of international routes, with Iceland as its hub.

Icelandair and Olino

Icelandair has been a customer since 2008 when they chose Olino to handle the implementation of their uniform program.

Olino is responsible for manufacturing the garments, handling stock, supply chain management, and provide uniform services such as alterations and the employee entitlement system for more than 2.000 employees.

In 2023 Icelandair wanted a new airline uniform and in close collaboration with Olino the new design was developed. Selected parts of the uniform, including ties and scarves, was designed locally in Iceland to reflect Icelandic tradition.


Cabin crew uniforms for Air Italy

The uniform development process

Icelandair included their employees and engaged them in the process of creating the new uniform. Employees shared their opinions and ideas for the new uniform before the production began. This way, Icelandair ensured that their employees, including pilots, flight attendants, and ground personnel, received a uniform that accommodated their needs.

To meet Icelandair's strategy of offering versatile uniforms to their staff, we offered them our brand new 4-way stretch shirts as part of their uniform program. The new shirts come in various fits, including slim, regular, and fashion fit. This way, we ensure that there is a shirt type to suit every employee's needs.

The Icelandair staff needs to wear clothes suitable for all jobs and tasks. The clothing must be comfortable, flexible, and long-lasting. Also, it needs to cater to all sorts of weather conditions. As a long-time customer, Icelandair trusted Olino to handle the task. Together, Olino and Icelandair embarked on the design process and conducted measurements of the employees so a production process could be initiated.



Cabin crew uniforms with personal alteration for Air Italy

Unique design reflecting Icelandic culture   

A committee composed of representatives from Icelandair, the creative agency, and Listaháskóli Íslands reviewed proposals from eleven students. Among them, the winning entry was crafted by Arthur Moreillon, a talented graphic designer hailing from Switzerland. Arthur had previously studied product design at Listaháskóli Íslands during a student exchange program.

Arthur's inspiration for the new scarf design stems from Icelandic icons like Hallgrímskirkja (Reykjavík's iconic church) and the northern lights, alongside natural elements such as whales and wildflowers.
The illustrations are inspired by Iceland's diverse nature and cultural heritage, resembling airplane trails in the sky and the iceland's topography. The pattern features a star symbolizing Hallgrímskirkja, serving as a compass rose for travelers, with Iceland at its center and auroras encircling it, embodying elegance, and travel.

The tie pattern mirrors the northern lights.

Images kindly provided by Icelandair.

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