Airline uniforms

Uniforms for flight crew, cabin crew and ground staff

Our airline solutions ensure a stylish and professional look. We cater to the needs of flight deck, flight attendants and ground staff with a perfect fit and comfortable wear. We develop custom solutions and services to meet individual client needs: from new fabrics to tailored details.

Our stock program offers ready-made garments that you can customize to fit with your brand look.

All our uniform packages come with personalization options. This allows airlines to match the uniform appearance to brand guidelines, colors and corporate identity. As one of the leading airline uniform suppliers, we know that all airlines are different and require different solutions. We guide you through the entire process – from design drawings and prototyping to individual fittings and final uniform.  

Complete aviation uniform supplier - from fitting to supply and service

Uniform fit is everything. A good fit allows the flight team to focus on the passenger experience. We travel to client facilities to conduct fitting sessions of flight deck, cabin crew and ground staff employees. The result is happy uniform wearers and a comfortable yet professional fit. 

To accommodate individual needs, we offer our clients several shipping options. We send large shipments to a client uniform center or perform individual shipping to designated employee pick-up stations. Following delivery, we assist with supply chain, updates and alterations to be your preferred aviation uniform supplier. 

You can combine everything from ruffles to fashionable fits and create flight crew fashion unique to your airline brand. Our ready-made and bespoke solutions cater to your needs for a chic, professional look.  

Most major airlines have their own uniform collection that meets their specific needs and expresses their brand values.

Flight attendants are the symbol of the airline they represent. Our solutions cater to every uniform need - from a stylish look to a perfect and comfortable fit.

Ground staff is the first point of contact for passengers and uniforms must be easily identifiable. Uniforms should feature the desired look and characterize your brand identity and values.

Flight crews stand out in any crowd and need to represent your airline in true style. Our pilot uniform solutions fulfill your needs for a fashionable uniform and perfect wear.  

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