Uniforms created specifically to cabin crew staff, from design features to fabric and fit.

Bespoke and ready-made uniform attire
for airline flight attendants 

We provide tailored flight attendant uniforms with a wide range of personalization options. We also offer ready-to-wear styles for all cabin crew members in the most used colors: black, navy and charcoal. For a cost-friendly solution, we create uniforms featuring bespoke apparel styles with matching ready-made items for a personalized and unique uniform attire.

Your needs and requirements determine the service solution we provide. From a full-service solution with design, prototyping, on-site fittings and individual alterations to the production of custom accessories. If you use our stock program for your uniform solution, we offer adjustments to make the items unique for your airline’s brand.

Basic garments and our assortment of accessories are customizable to serve different purposes and make your uniform package unique. Basic garments like jackets, pants or skirts, shirts, knitwear and outerwear complete your cabin crew’s uniform attire. Accessories such as hats, ties, gloves and scarfs add elegance to your flight attendant uniform.

Ready-made flight attendant uniforms by Olino

Flight attendant uniforms 
catering specifically to airline wearers

A uniform solution from Olino focuses on high quality, style and a good fit.

A good fit allows flight attendants to perform their daily tasks. The crew members can focus on providing a first-class passenger experience without worrying about the fit, look or feel of the uniform due to its high quality. 

The uniform fabrics, we use, cope with everyday wear and tear and ensure a comfortable fit allowing crew members to move freely and easily. 

Flight attendants represent the airline in the frontline. Uniforms from Olino guarantee a professional appearance and deliver on both operational, practical and fashion demands.

Red dress for flight attendants made by Olino