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Aircraft interior, in-flight entertainment systems and service are all important for airlines and the positive passenger experience. Flight deck and cabin crew uniforms are too. Pilots must always look professional and authoritative in their outfit, and the same goes for cabin crew staff.

Our airline clothing solutions offer just the airline pilot uniforms you need. We combine professional attire, fashionable fits and contemporary design to meet all of your requirements and wishes for a stylish and classic look.

We create a custom uniform program tailored to meet your desired look and feel. We take care of the entire process – from initial design to final solution.

We also provide ready-made clothing items from our stock program. We match the items with bespoke garments for an individual look, while taking full advantage of our experience, workmanship and knowhow.

By choosing Olino as your supplier, your options are plenty. Our stock program features a wide range of jackets, short- and long-sleeved shirts, pants, outerwear and accessories.

We customize your look with pilot insignia to complete the look. Individualized items incorporating your logo and other distinctive features and details complete your pilot uniform outfit.

Pilot Uniform provided by Olino

Premium quality for lasting
airline pilot outfits

Our premium uniforms rest on years of experience and a continuous update of solutions. It is a never-ending process, and as your manufacturer, we ensure:

  • Long-lasting clothing items.
  • Cost-effective uniform solutions.
  • A comfortable wear – while in the air and commuting. 
  • Quality materials made from breathable fabrics 

Our uniform garments are made to last and can stand dry-cleaning regularly.

We recommend that you follow the guidelines of our Care Guide – to make your uniform last and look good for as long as possible.

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