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Bespoke uniforms for male and female flight attendants to enhance your flight crew appearance.  

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Our international airline customers, such as Qatar Airways and Icelandair, dress their cabin crew in solutions supplied by Olino. Look, fits and fabric of the uniform differ between the airlines, as every airline requires a clothing package tailored to individual guidelines, brand look and preferences.

Inspired by the wild Icelandic nature, Icelandair match ruffled shirts and dresses with retro-style jackets to create a signature uniform look. Qatar Airways highlight their culture in one of the best-known uniforms across the globe. Flight attendants are the face of the carrier and we proudly supply cabin crew uniforms highlighting our experience, workmanship and eye for an impeccable look.

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Cabin crew uniforms
From design to supply

Our design team assists you in creating the desired look of your new uniform. From design sketches and prototyping to onsite fittings – we guide you all the way. We provide a tried and tested setup perfected to meet the clothing needs of flight attendants.

We bring your designs to life by turning your sketches into custom uniforms with the fits, details and colors you desire. We also carry a range of ready-to-wear garments easily matched with bespoke clothing items to create a cost-effective and individual uniform program. The benefits of using our ready-made program include a reduced stock risk and production time.

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