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Through aircraft interiors, entertainment systems and livery, you can underline your airline’s identity and heighten the passenger experience. Crew uniforms are no exception. The uniform solution is one of the most important factors in strengthening your airline’s brand position.

Airlines usually require a unique uniform program in their own design, and we gladly help you in creating an exceptional passenger experience through design and functionality.

We develop customized cabin crew uniforms from A to Z. Our starting point is your brief of brand guidelines, vision and current uniform program. We develop the uniform prototype based on this brief, job functions and the needs of your uniform wearers.

The product range covers uniforms and accessories for airline staff, cabin crew, flight deck and ground services, and our setup therefore covers the needs of most airlines. 

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Creating a
customized uniform

Our in-house development team creates prototypes of each uniform item based on design sketches and drawings. We manage the development project process – from design to customer approval and final implementation. To meet all your needs, we add benchmarks and our accumulated experience in developing airline uniform designs.

At the same time, we establish detailed product specifications including fabrics specifications and patterns for all garments. We also produce samples for wear testing if requested.

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There are several ways of approaching the development process of new uniform garments. We cover the whole process for you - if you wish.

We offer full design services for our customers. We base our design proposal on your specific requirements and needs for a uniform solution. You can also bring your own sketches made by a designer of your own choice, which was the case for Icelandair. Maybe your airline or company has an internal design department proposing a design – we gladly assist them with our expertise on fabrics, fit and functionality of the uniform solution. We also offer great opportunities for adding accessories to your look, such as hats, pins or similar.

Our primary role in the development of a new uniform program is to make sure that your ideas, visions and design sketches transform into customized uniforms with the desired look.

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