Ready-made styles to meet pilot students’ needs and flight academy requirements.

A complete uniform look
for airline pilot students

We provide students with a complete pilot training uniform to ensure a professional look and perfect fit. We dress pilot students in a premium uniform solution as they realize their dream of becoming a pilot.

Our premium standard stock program offers you all the uniform garments and accessories you need attending flight school.

Most pilot schools require students to wear a pilot uniform from day one. With the Olino standard stock program, you can easily dress in style and live up to the requirements of the flight academy.

Our premium stock range offers a professional and clean look for all pilot students and meets the high quality standards of both airline cadets and the flight training school. With more than 35 years of specializing in pilot uniforms, we know how to create a look underlining the pilot profession and ensure an authoritative and professional look. 

A complete uniform look for airline pilot students made by Olino

Complete your pilot training
in our ready-made styles

Pilot students need to look their best – also during flight training. To prepare pilot students for the pilot profession, most flight schools require cadets to wear a professional pilot uniform during their training at the academy. This includes a neat and classic white shirt.

The Olino webshop offers a wide range of pilot shirts for men. For male cadets, we provide our Naples slim fit pilot shirts for a fitted and modern look.

As an alternative, our Oslo shirts offer male pilot students a slightly tapered fit looking fashionable yet classic.

Figure shaping darts in our shirt collection for women ensure a perfect fit for female cadets.

Furthermore, our Lyon pilot shirt - with either long or short sleeves - come with shoulder straps ready to attach epaulettes if required.


Ready-made pilot student uniforms

Study in style with our
ready-made uniforms

Pants, jackets, shirts and knitwear cater to your needs for a professional pilot uniform to get you through pilot school in style. In the Olino webshop, you find a range of stylish and comfortable garments to complete the pilot appearance for both male and female cadets.

For a chilly cockpit or colder days, we offer our popular Nato pullover for men. The Nato sweater looks great on top of one of our pilot shirts and keeps you warm and in style during lessons and flight training.

We also carry cardigans with either round neckline or V-neck for female pilot students.

Spending hours in the classroom and in the cockpit, you need comfortable pants that fit perfectly. Our wide selection of pants for male pilot students allow you to complete your pilot training in a professional and stylish way.

For female pilot students, our range of pants offers different styles and fits that underline an elegant and professional pilot look.


Ready made knitwear for pilot students

Uniforms and accessories
for pilot students

If needed, we also provide the pilot students with caps, ties and epaulettes. If required by the pilot academy, we make the colors of the uniform or accessories match the school colors.

You can add various accessories to complete the uniform appearance. Our Edinburgh pilot tie adds a classic touch, and - if allowed by the flight training academy – we offer epaulettes with one stripe to signal your role as a pilot student. Ranking stripes add the true aviation feel to your student uniform look – read our blog post on ranking stripes here.

You can also add belts, scarfs or socks to complete the student pilot uniform look. Please get in touch if you would like to know more or if you have any questions.

Uniforms and accessories for pilot students made by Olino