Black airline uniform dress


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Ready-made flight attendant dresses

Present a stellar appearance on board the airplane with our premier, ready-made flight attendant dresses. With a commitment to excellence inside and out, you can find a ready-to-wear flight attendant dress by Olino that matches your high standards for style, comfort and a flawless fit.

Embrace the professional look and feel of our flight attendant dresses

Your flight attendant dress is more than attire; it's a tangible manifestation of your airline's brand identity. As you, in many ways, serve as the face of the airline, you need a  stylish and meticulously designed flight attendant uniform that sets the stage for an entire flight experience, allowing you to project a confident and trustworthy image from the moment your passengers board. The dress is available in an elegant black colour and an exquisite navy look.

But attending to your passengers' needs on longer flights also requires a cabin crew dress that allows you to move freely and easily for lasting comfort and a well-fitting feel. Our ready-made flight attendant dress styles are designed with all these aspects in mind to ensure a stellar appearance and experience when you are providing great passenger service.

A first-classes flight attendant dress, ready to wear

Our ready-to-wear flight attendant dress in a navy or black colour guarantees a stylish and professional appearance. Designed based on customer feedback and years of experience in the aviation industry, our flight attendant dresses prioritize comfort and ease of movement, which enables you to provide excellent passenger service without any hindrances.

Our ready-made dresses for flight attendants are inspired by current trends, ensuring that you always look stylish and on-trend while adhering to the dress code for flight attendants. We regularly update our designs to meet the evolving needs and demands of cabin crew like you to keep your uniform appearance up-to-date.

You also won't have to worry about the flight attendant dress' appearance or fit, as our dresses are built to withstand the demands of your job. They are suitable for long-term use, ensuring that you always look professional and put-together.

The Athens flight attendant dress

Elevate your presence in the skies with Olino's Athens flight attendant dress. The ready-made flight attendant uniform dress is full of carefully designed choices to align with your individual requirements and a majority of airlines' uniform guidelines, completely ready to be worn on duty. 

Timeless and elegant design

Our Athens flight attendant dress features a timeless black and navy colour, elegant cuts and understated details that transcend fashion norms. The design makes the dress a suitable choice for most airlines and makes the dress wearable for many years. Walk the aisle with confidence, knowing your attire speaks volumes about your commitment to both style and professionalism.

Elevating the feminine silhouette

Our Athens airline dress boasts a feminine cut with princess seams in the front and on the back, delicately sculpting your silhouette with a touch of grace and elegance.

Designed for unhindered movement

Navigate the dynamic demands of your role effortlessly with the Athens dress. Crafted for optimal performance, a strategically placed single centre vent on the back and sleeves ensures fluid movement, allowing you to execute your duties with unparalleled grace. Every aspect of the Athens dress is designed to seamlessly blend style with functionality, ensuring you can move with confidence and agility.

Crafted from a blend of 54% Polyester, 42% Wool and 4% Elastane, the stretchy fabric ensures not only a great fit but also adds flexibility to the dress. This unique composition of fabrics guarantees that your Athens flight attendant dress looks impeccable and feels comfortable, allowing you to perform your daily tasks with ease.

Appropriate length for a professional image

The Athens flight attendant dress is cut just below or at the knee, striking the perfect balance between professionalism and style. This length fits the designated dress code for flight attendants and other airline crew in most companies in the aviation industry.

Choose between our standard length, expertly fitted to each size, or embrace the flexibility of the unhemmed variant. The unhemmed dress option allows you to tailor the length precisely to your preference.

Complete your flight attendant uniform look

Complete your flight attendant uniform package with matching airline jackets and other uniform alternatives. Our expansive ready-made uniform collection includes, among others, black and navy attire that perfectly complements the black and navy flight attendant dress, as well as dark grey options if you are looking to add variety to your flight attendant uniform look.

To achieve a complete look, we offer a range of ready-made uniform accessories designed to enhance your cabin crew outfit. Our uniform scarves and hats are the perfect way to complete your ensemble and add the finishing touch to your flight attendant uniform.