The cabin crew dress is back in the collection of airline garments adding
style, glamour and a feminine touch.

Cabin Crew Dresses

The air hostess dress has been in and out of airlines’ uniform collections but is now firmly back in the skies. And for good reasons. No other garment is as chic and feminine as an elegant dress.

In addition, dresses are comfortable to wear, practical and a classy outfit in itself!

Aircrew dresses have developed into a category in itself.  While some inspiration has come from military and air force, nowadays, airlines’ branding and cultural heritage play a major role.


Old cabin crew dresses

So what are the pitfalls when it comes to dresses?

Having developed and supplied airline dresses for over 25 years, one lesson learned stand out: A nicely fitting dress (and that means nicely fitting on all crew) looks extremely good and is a firm crew favorite. Conversely, a dress that does not fit nicely on all crew is unpopular and look terrible.

The key observation here is that crew often are a very diverse group. On top of that, and as opposed to most garments, dresses need to fit in height and upper and lower part of the body to look good.

To accomplish this, you need a good proven basic fit of the dress, enough size options and a dress that is prepared for individual alterations. If you think this is too much trouble, our advice is – do not consider a dress for your uniform.

Furthermore, particularly for dresses materials are extremely important, as the dress is such a personal item. Unfortunately, many uniform dresses end up being made of cheap polyester/viscose blends. This is a pity, as they have a tendency to look worn, especially at the front, after a short time of working in it. In our experience, buying cheap means, cost goes up and crew performance goes down.

With special top-quality dress fabric, it is easy to maintain an impeccable look, they last longer and crew perform better.

Jazeera cabin crew dress

Design of the Cabin Crew Dress

Of course, design varies a great deal depending on the role the dress plays visually. Generally, there are two different ways to go.

To create a signature dress that really stand out, think Singapore Airlines, you have to break the rules. The design has to be a top down process where top-management backs the design for years. Remember, what we now consider signature styles often have become synonymous with the brand over a long time. Often the signature outfits were unrelated to the brand imagery, unpopular and heavily criticized when launched. Only a long-term commitment creates signature looks.

The other way to go is to integrate brand details that enhance the cabin crew dress and thus makes it support the brand experience. It may be main colour, colour accents or details like buttons, embroideries and prints that make it fit into marketing, communication, websites, aircraft livery and interiors.

Not only are our flight attendant dresses fashionable and chic - but most importantly, they enable cabin crew members to perform at their best to support the passenger experience.

For your inspiration, we have listed 10 examples of OLINO cabin crew dresses that may be used as the starting for your new uniform dress.


Red cabin crew dress from Olino

10 Cabin Crew Dresses


1. This stylish Icelandair navy dress is developed by Olino with feedback from Icelandair staff. It’s a very feminine dress featuring pipping on the vents on the sleeves and on the two vents on the back of the dress. The dress has a zipper in the back. 

2. The eye-catching read cabin crew dress features gold logo buttons on the front and on the ¾ sleeves. Comes with a black belt with a golden buckle . The dress has V-Neck, a slit in front and zipper in the back – a very sophisticated cabin crew dress.

3. This navy dress was developed for Jazeera Airways. It has the characteristic Jazeera Airways print on the sleeve and a black belt with a gun metal buckle. The dress has a Zipper and a slit on the back. An example of how to incorporate airline identity to the cabin crew dress.


Cabin crew dresses for Iceland air and Jazeera together with a red flight attendant dress with golden buttons

4. Dark grey dress with nice ruffles on the sleeves. The dress’ A-shape creates nicely draping of the lower part.

5. Burgundy wrap around dress made with two tones of burgundy adding an exclusive touch. The sleeves come with fold-over slits that ensures excellent movement. The dress closes with a tie belt.

6. Classic dark grey dress with slit with colored fabric details on the sleeves. The dress has a slit and a zipper on the back.



Dark grey cabin crew dress, burgundy cabin crew dress and classic dark grey fligth attendant dress


7. Lovely feminine navy cabin crew dress with a light blue scarf detail on the front. The sleeves has the same light blue colored fabric detail. The dress has a slit and a zipper on the back.

8. Beautiful red dress with two slits on the front made of patterned fabric, which gives the dress an unique detail. The dress has belt loops to ensure that the black belt with silver buckle is placed correctly at all time.

9. Grey dress with patterned details on the  ¾ sleeves and on the inside of the collar. The dress features a tie belt and colored button on the placket.



Feminine navy cabin crew dress, beautiful red dress and grey flight attendant dress


10. Super elegant and classic burgundy dress – can be worn with or without the the black tie belt. The dress has slits on the sleeves and on the back. Closes with a zipper in the back.


Elegant and classic burgundy cabin crew dress


Customized cabin crew dresses

We design air crew dresses in various styles, fits, colors and fabrics that meets all of your requirements, ensuring that the airline dress matches the rest of your uniform look and promotes the identity of your airline.

Please get in touch if you need a hand to get started on developing your new air crew dress.

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Burgundy cabin crew dress and hat