Ready-made airline crew and pilot accessories for every need

Achieve a stylish uniform look with our large assortment of flight attendant and pilot accessories. Our range of ready-made accessories for the aviation industry includes scarves, ties, belts, gloves, caps, pilot wings, epaulettes and practical necessities such as protective oven gloves and wallets. In short, we have all the products to match your specific aviation needs.

Uniform accessories for pilots, flight attendants and ground staff

At Olino, we understand that it's the details that truly complete a uniform look. That's why we offer an extensive range of pilot and flight attendant accessories meticulously designed to meet the high demands set by airline personnel. Our pilot supplies and airline accessories aren't just add-ons; they're crafted to enhance comfort, elevate style and ensure optimal functionality throughout your busy day.

Not sure which uniform accessories to choose? Check out our guide to uniform accessories.

Comfortable scarves to help you stay warm in the cold weather

For the winter season, you will find our midnight blue scarves for women and men made from 100% premium wool, which are very handy and also feel quite comfortable to wear. They add another layer to your uniform look with a stylish touch and are your favourite on cold and chilly days. The scarves will feel soft and warm on your skin, and it is a must-have in any uniform package.

Elegant shawls for female uniform wearers

Add our midnight blue Malmø shawl to your uniform wardrobe and be ready for the winter season. The shawl is made from 100% premium wool and will keep you warm on cold and chilly winter days while also being fashionable and chic.

Signal elegance with stylish uniform tie

Add a luxurious and highly professional finish to your uniform outfit with our premium air staff and pilot ties specifically designed to complement your uniform. The Olino ties give a professional appearance that is expected of uniform wearers.

Read more about our ties here.

Our flight crew and pilot ties come in three different variations:

  • Ties with velcro closure for safety – The velcro closure releases when you pull it.
  • Ties with a clip-on mechanism for easy attachment and safety.
  • Zipper ties that are easily adjusted and easy to put on.

All our ties are available in black and navy to effortlessly complement the rest of your uniform. They also have an elegant weave pattern, which adds a subtle, stylish detail to the design.

Tie clips for that finishing touch

The little details can make all the difference in your appearance. To finish off your look, add a tie clip to your uniform tie for a professional and sophisticated appearance.

The Baltimore gold and silver coloured tie pins perfectly complement the rest of your outfit. Plus, they are made from alloy and are able to resist everyday wear and tear.

High-quality leather belt

Our black leather belts for men and women feature a classic and professional look. The design is timeless, while the look is stylish and elegant. The belts, made from first-quality leather, come with:

  • A comfortable and stylish appearance to complete your uniform appearance.
  • Clip buckle in a stylish brushed look - Silver and Gold
  • The buckle clicks on and off for easy adjustment of the length - guaranteeing you a perfect fit.
  • The belt buckle is free from nickel.

TPU-coated belts for male staff

Our range of flight attendant and pilot supplies also includes a non-leather belt designed for men. Our black Orlando uniform belt has an elegant and classic look, making it suitable for pilot-, cabin crew- and ground staff uniforms.

The non-leather belt is made of TPU-coated webbing, making the belt:

  • Waterproof
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Non-color transferring
  • Scratch- and wear-resistant

Just like our leather belts, you can easily adjust the length of the Orlando belt. By clicking on the buckle, you are able to cut the belt just the right length for you, making the belt very comfortable to wear.

Keep your hands warm with comfortable gloves

Our classic black leather gloves for male and female staff will add a touch of elegance to the uniform look. More importantly, leather gloves are a great way to keep your hands warm during cold winter days.

The gloves are made of 100% soft lambskin and with 100% wool lining, keeping your hands as warm and comfortable as possible when the temperature drops outside.

The Istanbul gloves for women and Minsk gloves for men are made to fit under the sleeves of the jacket or coat to help you keep a professional and stylish look and complement the rest of your uniform outfit.

Signal authority with stylish pilot caps

You can’t say pilot accessories without mentioning the pilot hat. It plays a significant role in showcasing your authority and making you easily identifiable.

You can style your pilot uniform look with our navy Paris cap with gold or silver trim. Choose between two variants from our stock range: the Captain's cap with gold or silver trim and embroidered leaves or the First Officer’s cap with gold or silver trim. The Paris cap is the final finish to your pilot appearance and will surely give you a professional and authoritative look.

Pilot wings: a small but essential detail

Pilot wings hold significant meaning, symbolizing the rich tradition and heritage of aviation. They adorn pilot caps and jackets, adding a touch of timeless elegance and professionalism to your uniform.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our pilot wings boast a lustrous gold or silver nickel finish, ensuring a flawless final touch to your pilot uniform ensemble.

We can also help you if you are looking for customized pilot wings.

Showcase your rank with elegant epaulettes

Create a sense of authority and make sure your epaulettes match the rest of your uniform with dark grey, black or navy epaulettes. They easily match our range of uniform wear.

You can choose between one to four stripes to show off your rank. Customize the colour of the stripes to match your uniform appearance – choose between silver or gold-coloured stripes.

Promotion pack - stripes

Have you recently been promoted as a pilot? Make sure that people know it and that you stand out by adding extra stripes to the pilot uniform as you or you go higher in rank. Our promotion pack with sets of 2 stripes lets you choose between gold and silver stripes to make it easy for you to match it with the rest of your uniform look.


Keep your uniform clean with a handy apron

When you are working in the cabin serving drinks and food, you need a practical and reliable solution to keep your skirt, pants, or dress away from stains.

Our unisex apron ensures great durability and a clean look for your uniform appearance. Come in classic black and one-size to fit all uniform wearers.

Highly protective oven gloves

With our heat-resistant oven gloves, you can remove hot trays and pans from the oven without any hassle. Our oven gloves feature extra-long canvas shafts for more protection when working with hot objects.

The gloves come in white and are made from leather and canvas.

Smart and elegant wallet belt

You can keep valuables, keys and cash safe when working in the cabin with our one-size money belt. It’s designed in such a way that you can easily wear the wallet belt on top of a pair of pants or a skirt. The wallet is comfortable to wear and suitable for any uniform look due to its versatile and elegant navy colour.

Stay visible with our class 2 Hi-Vis vest

Our class 2 Hi-Vis vest is a crucial safety accessory, ensuring you and your crew remain visible in various working conditions. Crafted from 100% polyester, it offers durability and easy maintenance with machine washing at 40 degrees.

The vest is also certified to EN ISO 20471 standards, guaranteeing reliable high-visibility protection.

Uniform socks for male uniform wearers

Socks might not be the first you think about when looking into uniform garments, but good socks are invaluable, especially when you have to wear them for long periods of time or in hot temperatures. To address the unique requirements in the aviation industry, our black uniform socks offer improved breathability and quick-drying function, making them very comfortable to wear for long working hours.

Make the black uniform socks a key element in your uniform package and complete your uniform wardrobe by adding socks with COOLMAX technology for improved cooling.

Get customized pilot accessories tailored to your unique requirements

At Olino, we are a solution uniform supplier, offering everything you need to present a stellar appearance. If you need it, we also develop bespoke airline staff and pilot accessories to accommodate specific aviation designs, brand colours and practical requirements.

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