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Accessorize your uniform to add a unique, tailored touch to your company look. Get the what, why and how of uniform accessories from our specialists. 

Uniforms are like fashion items 

Mix them up with a few, carefully chosen accessories to create an individual identity – and make your employees stand out from the crowd.  

Create a tailored uniform appearance with featured details to highlight the corporate identity and culture.

uniform belts as a fashion feature

Scarves, shawls, gloves and hats offer another opportunity to tailor your brand look.

Shawls and all

Scarves and shawls are signature accessories in any aviation uniform package.

They are elegant and make flight attendants easily recognizable to customers.

Thus, incorporate scarves (shawls, if fitting) into your solution to make your employees catch the eye of customers and represent your brand in style.

Match patterns, details and colors to your brand look and choose quality fabrics:

Shawls Wool

Scarves Silk

(Tip: go for polyester scarves if durability and cost are preferred to quality, look and comfort)  

uniform scarves and shawls for a professional look 

Leather up

Elegant. Stylish. Chic. Exclusive. Luxurious.

All of the above define leather gloves. Add a pair to your uniform solution if:

  1. Looking for quality gloves 
  2. Creating a chic, elegant look

Or use leather gloves to add a unique touch - Flytoget do.

They add contrast with leather gloves in contrasting colors, while enhancing their stylish and elegant appearance.


Flytoget gloves


Standout performers

In aviation, hats have long been the centerpiece of cabin crew uniforms – and have reached iconic status.

They make employees stand out, add a sense of professionalism and look great.  

Emirates Airlines use their cabin crew headwear (red hat with white scarf) as a prominent feature in their marketing. While the golden Oryx on cabin crew headwear at Qatar Airways is a mainstay in their brand look.

Takeaway carefully selected accessories can elevate your brand appearance.

Uniform igsignia: pins wings and epaulettes

Uniform insignias

Be on point with the little big details. They matter. So too their signals. 

Senior employees might use ranking stripes or epaulettes to signal their rank and position. While pins, flight wings, tags or similar insignia encourage a sense of belonging and professional pride.

Add to your uniform solution if fitting, but be aware of pitfalls. Features can highlight a professional look and portray your brand identity. However, they can do quite the opposite as well.  

Tip keep it professional Align color and design to match your solution.

Reach out if you have any questions – or would like to viev our solutions for inspiration.

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