Our ready-made pilot uniform collection for male pilots will complete your uniform package. We have all you need to be ready to fly.

Uniform jackets for male pilots

Our ready-made Copenhagen pilot uniform jackets ensures a comfortable wear as well as a stylish and professional appearance. No pilot uniform jacket is complete without ranking stripes. Our ready-made Copenhagen pilot jacket comes with gold or silver stripes – add three or four stripes to the pilot jacket and show your rank. 
If needed, you can also change the color of the buttons on the pilot jacket to match the stripes. 
Our pilot jacket comes in black, navy and dark grey to fit the rest of your airline uniform garments.

Airline uniform pants for pilots

Our ready-made uniform pants for male pilots are tried and tested by users. Our collection includes three different styles.

Glasgow uniform pants for male pilots
Our Glasgow pilot uniform pants for men has a classic and comfortable fit. Available in black and navy.

Ready-made Amsterdam uniform pants for pilots
Our ready-made Amsterdam pilot uniform pants for male pilots have a contemporary design ensuring a professional appearance. Available in navy, black and dark grey.

San Jose stretch uniform pants for male pilot – 4 ways stretch
Our super stretchy San Jose uniform pants with slim legs for male pilots combine style and comfort in a timeless design. Available in navy, black and dark grey.

Airline uniform shirts for male pilots

Bergen Pilot uniform shirt
Classic straight cut white pilot uniform shirt designed with two front chest pockets and shoulder straps for epaulettes. The Bergen pilot shirt is made from 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester. Comes with short and long sleeves.

Berlin pilot Uniform shirt
Our Berlin pilot uniform shirts comes in white or light blue and are available with short or long sleeves and shoulder straps. The Berlin pilot uniform shirt is made from 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester.

Oslo pilot uniform shirt
Our white Oslo pilot shirt has a slightly tapered fit giving you a professional and a clean look. Made from 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester. Comes with short or long sleeves.

White premium Naples Pilot uniform shirt – slim fit
A classic slim fit pilot uniform shirt with front pockets and shoulder straps. This pilot uniform shirt is made from 100% Cotton Twill making the shirt very soft and comfortable on your skin. Our white slim fit premium Naples pilot uniform shirts is available with short and long sleeves. This pilot uniform shirt is very popular among slender pilots.

Premium Palermo Pilot uniform shirt
This pilot uniform shirt has a fashion fit and a traditional pilot uniform design with two front pockets and shoulder straps for epaulettes. This pilot uniform shirt is one of our most popular uniform shirts because of the very soft fabric. This pilot uniform shirt is also made from 100% Cotton Twill making the shirt very comfortable to wear. Available with short and long sleeves.

Read more about our shirts on our blog. 

Fitting can make or break your pilot uniform look

Our guide will guarantee you a stylish and professional look. Read more about the fit of uniform jacket, airline uniform shirts and pilot uniform pants. Read more....

Uniform knitwear for male pilots

A pilot wardrobe will never be complete without knitwear. Our ready-made collection has a wide selection of knitwear covering NATO-sweater/pullovers as well as basic cardigans and pullovers.

NATO-sweater and NATO-pullover for male pilot

Our NATO-sweater is available with a turtleneck with zipper whereas our NATO-pullover comes with a V-neck. Both styles have a fashion fit.
The NATO-sweater/pullover comes with shoulder straps ready to attach epaulettes to professional look. See more about our navy epaulettes here and click here for the epaulettes in black. Uniform cardigans and pullovers for male pilots
Our wide range also contains basic cardigans and pullovers. Both our cardigans and pullovers have a classic and stylish look, designed with a V-neck.

The cardigans come in dark grey, black and navy.
Our pullovers are available in navy and black.

Uniform outerwear for male pilots

Our ready-made outerwear collection for male pilots includes five different coats. 
Our navy classic and elegant Trench Hamilton is a pilot uniform coat perfect for spring, summer and fall. The Trench coat is designed with shoulder straps for epaulettes to make you stand out with ranking stripes.
In need for a warmer coat, we recommend our Espoo and Stockholm coats. Both very elegant, warm and comfortable to wear.  

When travelling in changing weather conditions we recommend our water- and wind proof Tech coats – available in black and navy. Our 3-in-1 Tech coat can be turned into a practical summer coat by unzipping the detachable lining. The detachable lining can also be used as a coat by itself.
Our Tech coats are designed to keep you warm and dry - an optimal choice for pilot travelling in different climates.

Accessories for a pilot uniform 

Beside our uniform collection we likewise have all the accessories you need to complete your pilot uniform

Pilot caps for male pilots

Our navy Paris pilot cap is a traditional, classic and elegant pilot cap for male pilots. Our Paris pilot cap comes in two variants from our stock range. Choose between First Officer or Captain:

  • Our First Officer pilot cap is available with a silver or gold trim.
  • Our Captains pilot cap also have a silver or gold trim, but additionally our Captain cap also has embroidered leaves on the shadow.

Uniform ties for male pilots

Add a sophisticated and polished touch to your pilot uniform by adding a tie. Our classic and elegant uniform ties are specially made for uniform wearers and designed with Velcro, clip-on or zipper.

Tie clips for pilots – add an extra dimension to your pilot uniform

Complete your pilot uniform with a tie clips. Available in silver and gold.

Pilot wings for your pilot uniform

Add an extra touch to your pilot uniform by adding a pilot uniform wing – gold or silver.
The pilot wings have 2 pins on the back side with butterfly clasps making the wings easy to put on your pilot uniform jacket or pilot cap.

Pilot Epaulettes

Show your rank by adding epaulettes on your shoulder and stand out from the crowd. Add our classic epaulettes on your pilot shirt, NATO-sweater or Trench coat. Show your rank with the number of stripes on your shoulder – three or four. Choose between gold or silver stripes. The epaulettes come in black, dark grey and navy.   

Classic leather belts for your pilot uniform

Our simple and stylish black leather belts for male pilots will complete your pilot uniform.
Our black Edmonton uniform belt is available with gold and silver clip buckle.  

Airline uniform scarfs

For the winter season, our navy scarf made from 100% premium wool is a must have. Add our navy scarf to your pilot uniform package and give your pilot uniform a stylish touch – it will be your favorite uniform garment on cold and chilly days.

Gloves for pilots

Additionally add our uniform gloves to your pilot uniform package to complete it.Stylish and chic gloves designed to fit under det sleeves of your pilot jacket or coat.

Socks for male pilots – a must-have

Good socks are invaluable and a key element in any male pilot wardrobe. Our black socks are durable and make a safe choice for your pilot uniform. 

Yellow uniform vest

Our yellow one size high visibility vest for pilots is tested and certified.
The vest is suitable for logo print - please contact us on olino@olino.dk for more information.