A pilot shirt is one of the most basic garments in an airline uniform. To make sure that you have a stylish look and a professional appearance, it is important with a comfortable shirt that fits you perfectly.

White pilot shirts

Does this sound familiar to you?

You have a shirt that....

  • does not fit you properly
  • feels stiff
  • wrinkle easily
  • is difficult to iron
  • does not stay white
  • change shape after washing
  • is too short
  • has loose threads
  • does not have the features that a pilot shirt needs
  • has sleeves that is too short
  • is transparent

If you do, you might also recognize this:

  • you do not feel comfortable wearing the shirt, because the fabric is too stiff
  • you feel foolish because it does not fit you perfectly
  • you are annoyed that the shirt does not stay white
  • you are not able to look fashionable
  • you have to wear a top under the shirt

It does not have to be like that.

With our Pilot shirt, made of 100 % Premium cotton twill and available in different variants, you will be able to find one that will fit you perfectly.

4 Pilot shirts from Olino made of 100% Cotton Twill

You will be able to: 

✔ Look professional with a uniform appearance

✔ Be comfortable with soft fabric and a perfect fit

✔ Be fashionable with a contemporary look

✔ Not being annoyed by your shirt – no-scratch piping

✔ Look the same every time you go to work – the shape and color will not change

✔ Make a good impression to the travellers as a representative for your airline

✔ Relax – and do your job

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Feedback from test wearers

Before we introduced the Premium Pilot Shirt to our assortment, we had some wearers to test the shirt. They wore them at work and came back with comments on the shirt.

“The fabric is absolutely wonderful. I receive several compliments through the day on how good it looks and feels. I tend to wear T-shirts under my shirt, but the times I wore it without one it felt soft. Not irritating at all.”

“The shirt itself presents an image of quality. The cut, fabric and style of the shirt add up to a high end product that sticks out among the crowd.”

“I’m a pretty standard guy. Slim, 183, 80 kgs. The shirt overall presents a very nice fit. The neck is not too tight like many other shirts and the sides are slim and look good.”

“The shirt was washed and ironed. After washing the shirt felt a bit more comfortable and smoother.”

To whom?

Our Premium Pilot shirt are for males who wears pilot shirts at an aviation company.

  • You are a Captain
  • You are a First Officer
  • You are Cabin crew
  • You are Ground staff
  • You are flight engineer
  • You are a flight student at a Flight Academy
  • You work at an aviation company
  • You are responsible for purchasing aviation corporate wear

How will the Premium Pilot shirt make a difference?

✔ With our Premium Pilot shirt, you will not have to worry about how you feel and look while doing your job.

✔ You will be comfortable wearing the Premium Pilot shirt.

✔ The Premium Pilot shirt will give you a professional appearance.

✔ As a purchaser of corporate wear, you will able to dress your staff in pilot shirts they will be happy to wear.

 Specification for the Premium Pilot Shirt

  • 2 fits (Slim and Fashion fit)
  • 2 Sleeve lengths
  • Xlong sleeves available
  • 2 breast pockets with flaps, pen holes in the left pocket
  • Shoulder straps for epaulettes
  • Regular, classic collar appropriate for tie/formal look and unbuttoned
  • Single seam stitching for comfort and easy ironing
  • Satin piping in the neck for no-scratch wear
  • 100 % Cotton
  • Non see-through/non-transparent


Slim or fashion fit? What should you choose?

Our Slim fit version of the Premium pilot shirt is very slim and sits close to your body.
It’s like the slim fit shirts you wear from fashion stores.

The Fashion fit version of the Premium pilot shirt is a bit more loose, but it still has a fitted shape.

If you still don’t know which variant you should choose, you can contact our shirt specialists at 
olino@olino.dk or call at 0045 66 15 61 33 - they are happy to help you.

Drawing of pilot shirt with illutration of the difference between fashion fit and slim fit

How can I order?

You will find our four variants of the Premium Pilot shirts in our Olino webshop. We ship to all EU countries within 5 to 7 days after ordering.

If you want to purchase large numbers of Pilot shirts you can contact our customer service at olino@olino.dk or phone 0045 66 15 61 33 – they are also able to help you if you have questions about other products.

We give money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the Premium Pilot shirt.

Order premium pilot shirts at Olino webshop

Show your rank

Add Epaulettes to the shirt to show your rank – one, two, three or four stripes in the colors
silver, champagne and gold. They are also available in the B2B webshop.

And a nice tie to complete the look.

We have several ties you can choose between in the webshop.

Showing rank on the pilot uniform shirt with epaulettes

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