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We see a clear picture! Airline hats are making a comeback after some years of decline. The cabin crew hats and the pilot caps are playing a more prominent role in creating a professional look for your airline crews.


5 Most Important Characteristics Of Airline Caps

Olino blog post on pilot cap styles.

Generally, pilot caps vary on a few characteristics. We would like to share with you the 5 most important characteristics to consider, when you’re shopping for new pilot caps for the flight deck crew.


1. Style

The cap style range from a distinct military style with bigger top and stiffer appearance to a less distinct cap style with a smaller and softer top.

2. Trim

The trim of the cap includes the chin strap, the badge, embroidered leaves and any additional decoration and ornaments. The trim is typically made in contrasting color or material. Often gold is the color but silver, matt silver or any combinations may fit the overall color scheme better. 

3. Color of top

Most often the color of the top matches the uniform garments, eg. navy or black, and it may even by made of the same kind of fabric.

Practical concerns such as water resistance or color fastness may lead to more specialized fabrics.  

4. Front elements

The two most common front elements are the badge and the wing. The design of these elements usually includes the logo or name of the airline and stylized wings. It is a choice of 2 different materials: embroidery or metal.

5. Rank indication

Generally, Captains wear caps with embroidered leaves on the vizor and First Officers do not wear leaves. The leaves typically resemble oak leaves or olive branches.


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