Without the right measurements, you will struggle to get the perfect size. Follow our fitting and sizing guide to find
a tailored fit and show off a professional look. 

Success is all in the fitting

If the fit off, the look is off. Simple. A professional look is all about the measurements - and getting them right.

Too loose. Too tight. Too short. Too long.  - Look is off.

How to measure

Women and men have different builds and thus small variations in how to measure may come into play.

However, using our fitting guide will ease the job:

  • Start at the top with the neck 

Always keep the tape level and straight and measure around the base of the neck (make sure head and chin are in a natural position). Allow for one or two fingers in between neck and tape for a comfortable fit.

  • Stopover at the chest

Position tape just below the arms. Measure across the fullest part of the chest and over the shoulder blades. The employee shouldn´t hold his or her breath. Arms should be in a relaxed, natural position. We are looking for a natural fit that allows for employees performing their daily tasks.

  • Around the waist

Make sure to measure around the natural waistline where the employee would normally button his or her pants. For a comfortable fit, keep a spacing of one or two fingers between the tape and waist. Note: the employee should be relaxed and not suck the belly in – or push it out.

How to measure for male uniforms

  • Across the hips

Have the employee stand upright and relaxed, placing legs close together. Measure around the fullest point of the hips while keeping the tape level.  

  • Slide down the arm

Tell the employee to relax the arms and let them rest down the side of the body. Place the measuring tape at the top of the shoulder seam and let the tape run down the outside of the sleeve to the desired length.

  • Inseam measurement

Measure from the crotch to the desired length. Remember to measure down the inside of the leg, not the outside of the leg. Have the employee jump in a pair of shoes to get the perfect length.

Alternatively, find the inseam length by using a pair of perfectly fitted trousers, and measure them from the top of the inner seam to the hem. 

How to measure for female uniforms

Finding your size

Now you should have all the measurements you need to find the perfect size. However, do have in mind that sizes may vary from supplier to supplier – or style to style.

Thus, always inform your supplier of the specific measurements of a uniform wearer. 

At Olino, we are no different. Items have different size charts as different items come in various fits and styles to meet our clients´ individual needs.

With the correct measurements, any uniform supplier will be able to find your perfect size and match it to the fit of a specific style – whether you favor a fashion fit or a more comfortable look.

Fitting Sessions

Never underestimate how valuable individual fittings can be.

Some will argue that they have always been (and always will be) a certain size. Our experience tells a different story.

People change. So too their preferences for sizes and fit – and measurements.   

Don´t run the risk of going too large or too small. Frontline employees represent your brand on client touchpoints. They need to look the part.

Take your time and conduct the fitting in properly fashion to get the results you want.

If you haven´t got the resources to conduct the session in-house, contact your uniform provider and have them conduct an employee fitting session.

This way, you can also account for individual alterations early in the process.