See a cool and stylish reinterpretation of the classic pilot uniform created by Olino’s design team. Updated cut and fit brings the classic look up-to-date and into the future.

History of the Pilot Uniform

Before the 1930s, pilots wore clothing with a traditional military look established during World War I. The military dressed pilots in practical flight crew clothing, which consisted of leather bomber jackets with oversized front pockets, khaki trousers, black shoes or boots and soft leather helmets.

This attire was adopted and transferred to the civil aviation sector by ex-military pilots who, during peacetime, worked in airmail and cargo transport.

The look of the pilot clothing began to change in the 1930s, when Pan Am (Pan American World Airways) started their South American routes using flying boats. Pan Am began seaplane services to Ireland, Britain and France from the United States. In 1939 Pan Am established a regular weekly transatlantic passenger and airmail service between the United States and Britain.

Pan Am decided to replace the World War I military pilot look with an outfit inspired from US navy officers uniform, because they operated flying boats. The flight crews were just as much sea skippers as air pilots, and seeing a formally and professional attired pilot in the seat reassured the nervous passengers to feel more safe about the trip. Therefore, pilots were dressed in black trousers, black double-breasted blazers, with ranking stripes on the sleeves and white officer caps with either gold or silver insignia showing either airline logo or name.

Pan Am's success and expansion in the 1950s, led to the establishment of one of the largest and most well-known world-class airlines. Many other airlines adopted the look of the Pan Am pilot uniform for their own crews hoping to replicate the success.

Since this pilot uniform look first made its appearance, the naval airline pilot uniform look hasn’t changed much. An airline pilot can still be seen today wearing a jacket – double or single-breasted, dark-colored pants, a white shirt, a tie, a set of epaulettes and a cap. However, airlines have different uniform styles and colors, which distinguish them.

Redesigned pilot uniform collection

Redesigned pilot uniform

At Olino we have redesigned the original pilot uniform with more up-to-date fabrics and a contemporary look.

Our design team has revitalized the double-breasted blazer by giving it a new flattering cut and an updated fit – it looks stunning and more authoritative than ever.

To the blazer you can add our premium pilot shirt dressed up with a silk tie and epaulettes.

Get the ultimate classic pilot look by adding the uniform with a shiny pilot wing, the classic white pilot cap and white gloves.

On top of it all you can wear our Trench Coat in a new and fresh interpretation – as stylish and comfortable as ever.

For inspiration we added pilot insignia with a golden look, but we can off cause supply other insignia colors to meet your airline requirements.

At Olino we combine professional attire, fashionable fits and contemporary design. We assure long-lasting, cost-effective and comfortable uniforms made of high quality materials.

Pilots must always look professional and authoritative in their outfit.

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