Stand out and color up your pilot uniform!

Blue has never been more popular for men’s suits, and suitable for corporate or for pleasure.

Blue is certainly worth a try when deciding to go for a sophisticated look. Especially, when paired with perfect elements. We have some ideas for you to style up a fashion blue pilot uniform.

Details matters! Styling elements can make your appearance stand out. A pilot outfit is incomplete without well selected accessories.

Blue pilot uniform collection

Fashion blue uniform jacket and pants

Color up your pilot uniform with a fashion blue jacket looking sharp and professional. By adding ranking stripes and a shiny pilot wing to the jacket, you will stand out and be noticed.

The blue jacket together with matching blue pants complete the blue look.
We recommend uniform pants with a contemporary and professional look designed for airline crews.

Blue uniform with a white shirt

The combination blue suit and white shirt is a classic match. It’s stylish and underlines your professional uniform appearance. We recommend a shirt made of comfortable, soft and breathable fabric. As a pilot it’s important that your pilot shirt fits you perfectly. Make sure to add epaulettes to your shirt to show your rank.
Check out our collection of premium pilot shirts made of 100% cotton twill.

Blue uniform with a blue tie

Classic and elegant. Blue on blue is always a winner. A blue uniform jacket against a white shirt spiced up with a blue silk tie is very stylish.

Blue uniform with a midnight blue coat

To stay warm in the winter you can add a stylish and sophisticated touch to your uniform look with a midnight blue uniform coat. We recommend a coat with durable and resilient wool fabric and quilted lining.
Our midnight blue Espoo coat will complement any uniform wardrobe – check them out

Blue uniform with a navy pullover

Get a practical and fashionable look by adding a navy pullover with a V-neck to your uniform. We can recommend our Halmstad pullover with a comfortable slim fit and professional appearance.

Check out our Halmstad pullover

Blue uniform with black leader gloves

By adding leather gloves to your uniform, you make sure to be able to keep your hands warm during chilly nights and cold winter days.

We recommend our classic black Minsk leather gloves made of 100% soft lambskin and with 100% wool lining. Designed to fit under the sleeves of your jacket or coat to add a professional uniform appearance.

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Blue uniform with a navy pilot cap

The final touch to your blue pilot uniform is the navy pilot cap. It makes you look professional and authoritative when walking through the airport.
Check out our Navy Paris pilot caps

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