Businesswear made to fit

Tailor your corporate clothing to create a customized brand look.

Corporate clothing
made to fit 

The right corporate clothing solution combines a comfortable fit with a professional appearance. An Olino uniform solution will highlight your corporate identity in a stylish and personal fashion.

We can help you bring your visual identity to life. Our corporate clothing for women looks great, stands out and radiate your corporate brand. 

You can customize our business wear solutions to create a personalized uniform package featuring your brand design, colors, fits and details. We design your solution to meet all staff needs and make it unique to your brand.

We manufacture corporate wear outfits according to your design sketches. We can also match customized styles with our ready-made garments for a cost-reducing yet tailored look.

Relying on years of experience, our design team assists you in creating the perfect corporate wear look for female staff members. We provide a perfect fit for all staff members with onsite fitting sessions and alterations.

Our understanding of corporate uniforms ensures a unique uniform solution that stands out, caters to your company needs and results in satisfied wearers.

Corporate clothing for women made to fit

Complete corporate clothing
package for female staff

Our corporate clothing range for women features jackets, pants, skirts, shirts, knitwear and outerwear.

You can express your brand identity through a range of accessories such as scarves, ties and leather gloves. Our solution allows you to include a variety of garments in your corporate look: from formal and professional outfits to timeless classics and dress down styles.

You can customize all styles to match your corporate visual identity. Personalized features such as custom logo buttons or scarves in company colors further underline your brand.

Our ready-made styles are customizable too and you can easily add personalized features.    

Contact us for more information on how to create your new look.

Complete corporate clothing package for female staff made by Olino