Our wide range of ready-made dark grey airline uniform items includes many of the essential items for the uniform package: jackets, pilot epaulettes, pants, skirts, pullovers, waistcoats, cardigans and waistcoats.

Dark grey airline uniform collection 

Our ready-made dark grey uniforms items will get you a long way. Not every company has a need for customizing their entire uniform package.

Our ready-made airline uniform collection simply implies tried and tested solutions that cover most uniform needs – and our wide range of airline uniforms items can still be individualized by incorporating elements to match your company’s brand.

Uniform jackets

Complete your uniform package with our dark grey jacket. Our classic dark grey airline uniform jackets for men and women makes it easy to get your airline staff/crew a stylish and elegant appearance.

The airline uniform jackets are comfortable to wear and highly durable. Our jackets are tried and tested by users.

For men our dark grey airline uniform jacket is available in two lengths to ensure the perfect fit.

For women we have the dark grey airline uniform jacket available in three lengths. With three available lengths you are guaranteed the airline uniform jacket looks great on all uniform wearers.

Customize your dark grey airline uniform jacket with strips and buttons to match your profession and company uniform.

Uniform pants

We have two uniform pants models for men and women in dark grey. Two models for each gender.

For men we have the models: Amsterdam which has a contemporary fit and San Jose for a tighter fit.

For women we have our low waist unform pants Lisbon, with a feminine silhouette and slim legs. For a tighter style we recommend our El Paso pants in a super stretch fabric. 

Uniform skirts

Our elegant and stylish dark grey airline uniform skirts, inspired by modern fashion, is made from high quality materials. The uniform skirt is made from 44% wool, 54% polyester and stretchy material which makes the uniform skirt comfortable and a perfect fit.

If the fit is not quite right, we can help you customize the airline uniform skirt so the skirt both looks good and feels great.

For a navy or black uniform solution we can also offer airline uniform skirts in those colors too. Same fabric, just other colors.

Waistcoat uniforms  

Complete your uniform solution with our well-crafted waistcoat in dark grey.

Our dark grey airline waistcoat is characteristic by front buttons, two front pockets for practical necessities and adjustable strap at the back to ensure a comfortable fit. Our waistcoat model for women has a feminine fit while still comfortable wearing.

Our uniform waistcoat is available in classic colors such as black and navy which allowing you to style your crew or staff in a color matching your brand.

All our airline uniform waistcoats are made from quality fabrics and have a perfect fit.

Pilot epaulette – show your rank on your airline uniform

No pilot uniform is complete without ranking stripes.

With our dark grey pilot epaulettes, you can signal your rank with the number of stripes on the shoulders. Choose stripes in gold or silver for your shoulders and remember to add stripes on the lower sleeves on your airline uniform jackets as well. Our classic dark grey pilot epaulette gives a professional appearance and matches to the rest of your pilot uniform. 

If dark grey is not the color of your airline uniform, we also have the epaulettes in back and navy.

Our dark grey pilot epaulette is made by 44% Wool, 54% Polyester and 2% Elastane.

Uniform pullovers

Knitwear is a must-have in all uniform package. Our popular dark grey pullover uniform for men has a very classic modern slim fit look with a v-neck. For a professional appearance match our dark grey uniform pullover with a uniform shirt and pants.

The airline uniform pullover is a must-have for all pilots. Our uniform pullover is made from lightweight fabrics: 50% extra fine Merino wool and 50 % acrylic. The fabrics makes it suitable to machine wash the pullover and it requires minimal ironing.

The pullover for men is also available in black and navy.

Uniform cardigans for women

Our dark grey uniform cardigan for women is one of our most popular cardigans among airline staff. It´s modern slim fit and very soft fabric makes it a must-have in every wardrobe. The comfortable cardigan finishes the airline uniform look, and you can match it with pants or skirt and a shirt.

Our dark grey uniform cardigan has a classic and chic look - 6 buttons and v-neck. 

Our uniform cardigans are made from 50% extra fine Merino Wool and 50 % acrylic, and available in black and navy as well. The fabrics makes it suitable to machine wash and the anti-pilling treatment will make it look good for a long time.

Uniform solutions including wool fabrics tend to be in high demand as they keep the shape, are comfortable and look professional for a long time.