Our range of ready-made black airline uniforms includes jackets, pants, skirts, cardigans, pullovers, sweaters, waistcoats and tech coats. Style you uniform package with our chic accessories: belts, gloves, socks, apron and tie.

Black airline uniform collection

Our collection of black ready-made uniform elements includes all you need for your uniform package such as: jackets, pants, skirts, cardigans, pullovers, sweaters, waistcoats and Tech coats. To complete your uniform look, we also have a wide range of accessories for you.

Airline uniform jackets

We have several fits for our black classic airline uniform jackets for men and women. Our wide range of fits makes it easy to dress your staff members in our stylish and elegant airline uniform jacket.

Customize your airline uniform jacket with strips and buttons to match your profession.

Our airline uniform jackets are also available in navy and dark grey.

Airline uniform pants

Our stylish airline uniform pants for pilots and cabin crew include a wide range black premium pants in different models. For both men and women, we have many different fits and models of airline uniform pants to be able to dress you and your airline staff depending on different needs.

For men - Glasgow and Amsterdam.

Women – Vienna, Lisbon and Málaga.

For a tight super stretch style, we have our model El Paso for women and San Jose for men.

Most of our airline uniform pants are also available in navy and dark grey.

Airline uniform skirts

Our classic and elegant black airline uniform skirts are available in a variety of fits. Our skirt is made from wool, polyester and stretch materials. Inspired by modern fashion.

Our airline uniform skirts are also available in navy and dark grey.

For a perfect fit, please remember to customize the length of the airline uniform skirt if necessary.

Airline uniform cardigan

Our black airline uniform cardigan for women is made from wool and acrylic. The soft fabric and comfortable fit make it suitable for uniform wearers most of the year. Our black airline uniform cardigan has 6 buttons and V-neck which gives it a chic and stylish look. Our black cardigan is a must-have in every uniform wardrobe.

Also available in navy and dark grey.

Airline uniform pullover

Our knitted black airline uniform pullover for men has a stylish look with V-neck and a modern slim fit. Made of comfortable and soft fabric. The airline uniform pullover is a must-have and gives a perfect and professional touch to the uniform.

The airline uniform pullover is suitable for machine washing and requires minimal ironing.

The pullover is available in dark grey and navy as well.

Airline uniform sweaters

Our comfortable and stylish black NATO airline uniform sweater is made of soft fabric. It will keep any pilot warm on cold days and is a must-have for any uniform package.

The black NATO airline uniform sweater has a fashionable fit and is available in two models: turtle-neck and V-neck. The black NATO airline uniform sweater has all the features needed for a pilot and is suitable for machine washing.

Both the turtle-neck and V-neck model are also available in navy. 

Airline uniform waistcoat

Complete your uniform package with our airline uniform waistcoats for a chic and professional appearance.
The airline uniform waistcoat is designed with two front pockets and adjustable strap. For women our airline uniform waistcoat has a feminine cut.

The airline uniform waistcoats are available in classic colors such as dark grey and navy to match your uniform package.

Airline uniform Tech coat

Our professional outerwear for airline staff is made from quality fabrics, featuring a stylish look and carefully chosen details. Our airline uniform Tech coat meets all the needs of crew and staff members which makes it a must-have in all uniform solutions.

Our airline uniform Tech coat is temperature regulating as well as water- and windproof which makes it an optimal choice for airline staff across functions. Our airline uniform Tech coats come with a detachable lining for unzipping to turn into a practical summer coat.  

Airline uniform accessories

To complete the professional uniform look, we can offer you a wide range of accessories.  

Airline uniform ties

Complete your professional appearance by adding our black premium ties for a classic look.

Our premium ties are specifically designed with a Velcro closure, clip on or zipper for added safety.
The ties have an elegant weave pattern and comes in black and navy to match your uniform. All uniform tie models are tested for safety reasons.  

Pilot epaulette for your airline uniform

No pilot uniform is complete without ranking stripes. Our classic black pilot uniform epaulette gives a professional appearance and make you stand out.   

Our black pilot uniform epaulettes will signal your rank with the number of stripes. Choose between gold or silver and remember to add stripes on the lower sleeves on your jackets as well.

Our black pilot uniform epaulette is made by wool, polyester and elastane.

Our pilot uniform epaulettes are also available in dark grey and navy.

Airline uniform belts

Our airline uniform belts are made from high quality leather and have a timeless design. Our black airline uniform belts for men and women feature a classic and elegant look to complete your uniform appearance.

The belt buckle click is easy to adjust to guarantee you a perfect fit. The buckle click has a brushed look and is free for nickel.

For men - silver or gold buckle clicks

For women – silver buckle clicks

Airline uniform gloves

Our classic and chic black airline uniform leather gloves for men and women will add a unique touch to the uniform style.

Our leather gloves will keep your hands warm and a is a must-have item in your uniform wardrobe. Our black airline uniform leather gloves, Istanbul and Minks, are made of 100 % lambskin with a 100 % premium wool lining. Whereas our black Gothenburg leather gloves are made of 100 % lambskin with a fleece lining. All models are made to fit under the sleeves of the jacket or coat for a stylish and elegant appearance.

Airline uniform apron

Our airline uniform apron is our practical and reliable solution when working in the cabin serving food and drinks. Our unisex apron guarantees to keeps your skirt, pants or dress from stains.

The airline uniform apron is one-size to fit all uniform wears.

Airline uniform socks

Good socks are invaluable and a key feature in any uniform package.

Our black airline uniform socks make a safe choice in your uniform package as our socks have an improved breathability and quick-drying abilities. COOLMAX technology for added cooling and elastic properties makes our socks comfortable to wear.