Custom uniform buttons: how to stand out

Make your crew uniforms stand out with a few, carefully chosen details. Customizing your uniform buttons will add a unique feel to your staff look.


Trends change, but true style never dies.

Customized uniform buttons fit into the last category; unheralded features that stand out and add a new dimension to the overall look.  

Do not underestimate the power of integrating unique features as they can bring your brand to life. You don´t always have to go big to make a difference. 

Buttons on a uniform jacket might seem like an insignificant feature.

They are not.

They offer a cost-friendly solution to customizing your corporate look, while adding branded attributes recognizable to potential customers across touchpoints.

Find your own look

One issue regularly facing our clients is whether to incorporate their company logo or name when customizing buttons. 

There is no right or wrong.

You should go with the option that matches your overall look and feel, and shows off your brand values.

Some companies prefer to highlight the corporate identity by making the logo the center of attention.

Flytoget did find this solution perfect for their uniforms.

Flytoget logo button on uniform jacket

Others opt for the company name - like Jazeera

Obviously, if your company name is very long, you might run out of room. Or end up with miniature letters that no one can decode, thus wasting time and money.

Jazeera logo button on uniform jacket

A solution could be to use abbreviated company names.
SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) have taken this route and staff travelling the world are easily recognizable to customers.   

SAS logo button on uniform jacket

Endless possibilities

Whether you want gold, silver or another color, options are limitless.

Below are some of the gold colored buttons we have created to add an extra touch to uniforms worn by staff at Qatar Airways, Jazeera Airways and others.

The design varies from company to company to meet individual needs and show off their individual identity and heritage.

Golden colored logo buttons

The same applies for our silver colored buttons.

Silver buttons offer a more subtle alternative to the shiny gold buttons, but the effect is similar if incorporated properly with the overall uniform design.

Silver colored logo buttons

For at contemporary look of the uniform the gun metal buttons are a popular choice.

Gun metal logo buttons

Make it yours

Small details can make a huge difference.

Study the customized logo button from Flytoget above and notice how the orange merges seamlessly with the silver to create a subtle yet recognizable button.    

Most companies want a solution unique to them. Flytoget have succeeded.  

You can too.

Be inspired by how others have conquered the challenge; but create your own look – and stand out.

Reach out to discuss your options and to see how you can incorporate customized uniform buttons. 

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