Serving garments is an important part of a cabin crew uniform and helps you to keep your clothes nice and clean while serving food and drinks for the passenger.

Our design team has made some incredible suggestions for a serving garment solution with inspiration from the outfit for the Chefs.

Serving garments for cabin crew

You want your uniform to stay clean and nice during the whole flight. On flights where you serve food and drinks for passenger, you need a practical and reliable solution to keep your skirt, pants or dress away from stains. Serving garments is an indispensable part of a cabin crew uniform and why not let it spice up your appearance. 

With inspiration from the checkered fabric in the Chefs’ outfit, our design team has made a suggestion on a new take on serving garments for cabin crews.The design makes you look stylish in a durable outfit and your appearance will radiate great service.

It is important that the serving garments are:

  • Presentable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Fits the look of the rest of your uniform garments

Serving garments for cabin crews

Serving garments for the Ladies

Our design team has made a beautiful apron with two front pockets and an adjustment strap in the back for a perfect fit. It is easy to jump into the apron, because of the adjustable opening in each side. It looks stylish with a uniform blouse or shirt underneath. Wear a pair of uniform pants or a uniform skirt with the apron.

Back of apron for female cabin crews

Serving garments for the Gentlemen

For the males, our design team went all in on a stylish and an admirable look. A waistcoat made of the same checkered fabric as the apron. The waistcoat has two front pockets and an adjustable strap in the back.

The waistcoat looks stunning with a uniform shirt and butterfly. This outfit is eye-catching and gives you freedom to move while serving the passengers.

To complete the look you can wear a pair of uniform pants and a black leather belt.

If you are looking for a customized serving garments solution that fits your uniform color and brand, we are also able to help. Contact us at olino@olino.dk