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Help is here if you are scouting the market for a new uniform solution and provider. Our uniform specialists guide you through what you need to remember and consider.

Buying new uniforms can be a daunting task

Our uniform specialists have put together a few takeaways you need to consider. When finished reading, you will know what to look for when choosing uniform material.

No universal rules

Company and employee needs are what matter ➜ start by identifying your needs:

Are you going for durability over cost? Some solutions might be cost-friendly; however, can they cope with everyday wear.

If introducing new uniforms regularly, sacrificing durability for cost might be your option.  

Discard that idea if your future solution should last for several years - and be dry-cleaned regularly. 

Three different uniform fabrics

Mix it up

All fabrics have pros and cons ➜ Your needs should decide your choice.

A few takeaways to consider:

  1. Viscose lining may suffer from continued dry-cleaning, whereas polyester is more durable
  2. Cotton fabrics, along with wool, linen and bamboo, offer good breathability
  3. Wool is comfortable to wear both summer and winter.
  4. A few % of elastane (high in elasticity) will improve fit.
  5. Garments treated with bionic finish repel oil and dirt, are water resistant, last longer and can be dry-cleaned repeatedly.   

Uniform solutions featuring wool fabrics tend to be in high demand; they keep the shape, are comfortable and look professional.


Bamoboo pants x600

Go Green

Bamboo offers a new sustainable solution with features uniform wearers cherish:

  • Incredibly soft and very comfortable to wear
  • Smell free as the fabric absorbs and evaporates sweat
  • Highly breathable in hot weather 
  • Protects against UV rays and is allergy-friendly 

The quality and fit will surprise you.

Reach out if you have any questions - or need help creating the perfect solution. 

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