Personalize your look with embroidered corporate apparel

Personalize your corporate look with embroidered uniforms or workwear. Get all the insights on how to succeed from our uniform specialists.

Custom embroidered clothing

In 1999, The New York Times wrote an article titled "Using Needle and Thread to Tell a Story".

While The New York Times discussed the use of embroidery in art, the title could headline a uniform design conference.

Embroideries tell a story.

They highlight your identity, look and ethos, and personalize your corporate communication.

You can go a long way with needle and thread if used correctly.     

Our uniform specialists will tell you exactly how to do that.

Let´s begin with the basics.

Print or embroidery

Designing new corporate apparel includes making choices, e.g. deciding on displaying key features as an embroidery or print.

Clients often come to us with the following questions.

Which option do we choose? Which is cheaper?

The answer to both questions is:


The price may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Material
  • Complexity 
  • Size 
  • Placement

Make it exclusive

Cost is important, but the price should never be the determining factor.

The look and feel you want your uniform wearers to portray should play a significant role as wearers represent your brand on client touchpoints. 

Shirtspilot caps and jackets boast a touch of exclusivity when featuring embroideries, compared to prints. 

Embroidered corporate clothing from Icelandair do this beautifully.

Embrodery on sleeves on shirts for Icelandair

However, prints also have their part to play. We use printed logos on our tech outerwear collections to keep performance intact and ensure shell fabrics remain undamaged.

See Flytoget´s outerwear below.  

Printed Flytoget logo on outerwear

To ensure employees are easily recognizable to customers, we added a reflective feature to the print.      

Key takeaway: print performs well on shell fabrics, while embroideries add an aura of exclusivity on crew shirts, jackets and pilot caps.  

What to look out for

Increasing the complexity of your design increases the size of the embroidery to:

  • Ensure details are clear and visible
  • Allow for easy decoding

Unless you want your embroidery to cover your entire uniform, a key takeaway is to keep complex details to a minimum.

Less is more

You can make anything into an embroidery.

However, our experience tells us that the best results come from a clean design with sharp edges.

To sum up, remember these three takeaways:

  1. Clean design and sharp edges
  2. Reduce complexity
  3. Easy to decode   

A great way to make your embroidered corporate apparel easily decodable is to think of the color combinations you use.

Using matching colors looks great, but makes it harder to decode your logo. Mixing contrasting colors will make it stand out – and easily recognizable to customers.

Options are plenty

Colors, details and size are customizable to create any look. You do not lack options. 

Instead, the task is to simplify the design by opting for a few, carefully chosen details that will personalize your uniforms and corporate wear.

That way, the embroidery will complement the overall design and tell your individual story.

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