Fabrics and fibers
for airline uniforms and corporate wear

The fabrics we use are carefully selected to live up to the high standards of an Olino uniform.

Environmentally friendly
fabrics and fibers

The high quality and longevity of our uniform solutions are the cornerstones of our corporate responsibility. However, looking into alternative fibers and fabrics is important in developing our sustainable uniform offers. With a rapidly evolving technology, the development of different fabric alternatives moves fast – and we wish to do the same.

We closely follow the development in alternative textiles. We can already supply our customers with garments made from recycled polyester (rPET) and organic cotton for a sustainable uniform solution. The recycled or organic fibers substitute the virgin polyester or cotton for an environmentally friendly alternative in textiles.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our sustainable fabrics and how to apply it to your uniform solution.

Bamboo uniforms - a sustainable solution

As part of the Olino standard stock program, we supply our customers with sustainable bamboo pants. Bamboo fabric offers several benefits for the environment, such as:

  • It improves soil health – and benefits the eco-system.
  • It requires no water irrigation – saving our sparse water resources.
  • It grows fast and naturally – without the use of any pesticides or other chemicals.

Bamboo is beneficial for the uniform wearer too as it is allergy-friendly and naturally protects airline employees from UV rays when flying to and from destinations.

The bamboo pants are ready-made and available in the Olino webshop.

Piece goods
free from harmful substances

Besides choosing high quality materials, we work with fabrics free from harmful substances. This reduces the impact of chemicals to the environment and to the uniform wearers. 

We carefully select the fabrics for our uniform garment pieces. We value high quality and characteristics suitable for creating durable uniform solutions. Most of the fabrics used for the garments in our standard program are certifiably free from harmful chemicals and thereby make a sustainable choice for your uniform program. The same goes for the uniform programs customized to specific airlines and corporation.

If you want to know more about the fabrics we use or our service solutions, please get in touch.

Prolonging the life
of the uniforms

The fabrics we use are often treated with the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO coating. The treatment ensures great water repellency, excellent durability and longevity of the uniform garments.

In the Olino standard stock program, the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO coating is used for all black and navy jackets and pants for male and female wearers. Garments made to withstand abrasion are favored by our aviation clients as uniforms must always look professional and neat.

The BIONIC-FINISH®ECO coating adds a sustainable touch to the uniform solution as it prolongs the active lifetime of the uniform for our customers.

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